Fashion Week Panama 2019

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The best of local and Latin American design meets in Panama City to celebrate Fashion Week Panama

The most anticipated fashion event of our city is coming. In La Mesa gastronomic playground was held a first meeting with members of the press and fashion industry where they shared the first details of what will be Fashion Week Panama 2019.

The best of local and Latin American design comes together in Panama City to celebrate Fashion Week Panama, the official week of Panamanian fashion.

The ATLAPA convention center, from October 17 to 19, will be the epicenter of fashion and the international showcase of creativity made by local and foreign designers in this edition of Panama's fashion week.

This year with the completion of Fashion Week Panama we will support APLAFA, a company with more than 53 years in Panama, which every day seeks to offer the best sexual and reproductive health services in each of its clinics; In this way, this foundation has provided more than 1.5 million service to several youth in the city and inland for the past 10 years.

"This alliance will continue to demonstrate that fashion is a powerful tool for communication and education. We are sure that with the support of the best designers, producers, models and fashionistas we will be able to stop this fashion of precocious pregnancies! "APLAFA assured in a press conference.

Maintaining the distinctive spirit of Fashion Week as the center of the campaign, we have presented the concept of enhancing our brand with a new, more stylized and bold typography. It is presented on iridescent and holographic backgrounds where Fashion Week Panama is exposed to the world as the kaleidoscope to see the world of fashion, design and art par excellence in the region. The graphic system is complemented by a visual language that modernizes the brand, introducing new colors, styles and compositions that points to the new trends in the design world.

Additionally, for the audiovisuals of the campaign we have invited renowned artist Guillermo Mann "Tocso", who has been discovered in the most recent edition of our festival of creative summer events: Macrofest.

In addition to this, the architecture of the event has been reinvented, designing the most elegant, raw and extraordinarily proportioned catwalk that has been exhibited.

This year the event seeks to move beyond its base and speak to a wider variety of audiences through new experiences, such as access to the backstage and new alternative events to the catwalks. Fashion Week Panama 2019 comes more contemporary and stylized.

As has happened in many other fields, the idea of ​​sustainability has also reached the fashion industry. So this year our training area is focused on ethical fashion. The main topics to be addressed in this year's fashion talks will be the responsible marketing of handicraft products, production methods and ethical marketing of products from the industry, through the clothing and fashion industry as an opportune channel of empowerment and economic sustainability for the woman We are aligning ourselves with a non-profit organization that supports us in empowering this part of the Panamanian fashion week, by aligning the official fashion platform in Panama to create collective awareness of the importance of the design philosophy and trend of The sustainability.

Always in constant innovation, we have devised the Unique Fashion Spot, a space within the commercial area of ​​the event that will be destined to the staging of commercial fashion catwalks, as well as exhibiting pieces of plastic arts. This space is created with the purpose of offering an opportunity to link to brands that previously had not had the opportunity to participate in the event, either because they are smaller companies (that handle smaller budgets), or because they have aligned approaches to the commercial instead. of an alignment to the design. It also aims to extend the offer of the content we offer to the delight of our

Visitors to the fairgrounds, as well as the commercial fashion shows, we will have the aforementioned exhibition of plastic arts.

In this Fashion Week Panama we will meet the proposal of Natalie Muller, a young designer of 24 years who mixes nature and the sustainable world with her design proposals. Natalie is a passionate designer who concentrates on small details and high fashion embroidery in her creations, in each piece, she tries to bring the essence of her country, leaving an invaluable value in each of her works as she makes them with purpose.

Another of the most outstanding revelations for our fashion week is Dagmar García, a young entrepreneur who once completed her fashion studies at the prestigious school of Parson School of Design, decides to create the DARCÉ brand by designing modern and extroverted garments that highlight the Female silhouette securing her pride.

After launching his collection "Calypso" where he highlighted the use of different textures on the fabric playing with the tropical colors of the Caribbean. He will be sharing his new challenge: a totally different concept without losing the essence of the brand.

We will also have the company of the designer Dayra Cardoze, creator of DAYRA, a Panamanian fashion brand with unique and versatile styles full of vibrant colors and prints that together with her styling blog, aspires to be a recognized name in international fashion. Dayra has had the opportunity to present designs at the New York Fashion Week.


National Designers
  • Lidia Minota
  • Pilar Sainz
  • Marciscano
  • Sousa Pitti
  • Tatiana Uliantzeff
  • Valar
  • Darce Dayra
  • Natalie Muller
  • Moises Sandoya
  • Flamant Swimwear

International Designers
  • Isla & White (Dominican Republic)
  • Julia and Renata (Mexico)
  • Down to Xjabelle by Isabella Springmühl (Guatemala)