Strategic partners of the Panamanian association of hotels (APATEL)

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Premium Plan - $ 1,550.00 per year

It includes:
  • Access to the Association's database
  • Membership in the suppliers search engine on the website
  • Membership in the suppliers directory in the quarterly digital newsletter
  • Membership in the section of special agreements with company logo and products offered at
  • Use of the Apatel logo, with prior authorization
  • Recognition by the Association as a supplier company

Includes: Digital news to all partners communicating signing of agreement, including logo and description of the products or services on offer
  • Facebook promotion with partner logo 
  • Promotion photo/logo included on the web page 
  • Participation in the Ordinary Assemblies
  • Participation in new projects
  • A space for Premium Strategic Allied Stand in Exhibition Hall of Suppliers during Regional Congress of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Right to organize an Informative / Social Assembly which will host Breakfast (7:30 am to 9:00 am) or Happy Hour (5:30 am to 7:30 pm) where new members can present products exclusively and / or services. (Only 6 dates are available per year for these INFOSOC) 

- DEFINITION - APATEL strategic allies program offers:
  • Integral solutions of sustainability and modernization of systems and services
  • Training, experience and knowledge of the market that will boost tourism in Panama in order to achieve objectives and solutions to the problems of service, attention and savings
  • Strategic partners collaboration in training to achieve sustainability and quality of the destination
  • Strategic partners acquire a medium or long-term commitment to support, develop and make profitable the business strategy of associates, offering products and services that will help reduce operational redundancy, increase cost efficiency and thus increase offers and add value to Panama high quality services
  • Present a photocopy of Commercial License duly registered in the Public Registries with a minimum of one year of operation
  • Fill out registration form with complete information of owners, partners and / or promoters
  • Pay annual fee
  • Participate as an exhibitor during the Annual Meeting or Forum or Convention to inform partners of products or services they offer
  • Offer competitive prices and innovative services
  • Present a work plan or presentation of products and services
Panamanian Hotel Association, with more than 50 years of presence at national and international level, is the representative association of the hotel sector in Panama. Currently counts with 126 partners throughout the Republic of Panama. The active and permanent presence of APATEL has been felt in the preparation, review and contributions to bills directly or indirectly related to tourism in Panama. Their hotels, grouped since 1964 in APATEL, have reached the leadership that helps to develop a destination for the benefit of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants in the country. This potential continues to grow in the breadth of its offer and in its quality of service, thanks to a number of initiatives of its members, which include updating the human resources that work in hotels, clinics abroad, importing talent to enhance national talent and global standards contribute to the entire market with international chains of the highest prestige.
Panama as a transit country and open to foreign investment, maintains a constant growth. The national economic development has allowed the promotion of quality tourism services in the main points of the geography and the construction and operation of new hotels. It is highly relevant that the World Economic Forum has declared Panama as the fourth country in the continent in terms of competitiveness. This recognition derives, to a large extent, from the hotel growth of the country. The training, innovation and sustainability of the destination are their objectives, so new members should join to achieve that goal and help Panama become paradise between two seas that seduces and attracts the visitor.
APATEL is a member of the boards of the main business associations, such as the National Council of Private Enterprise (CoNEP), Chamber of Tourism) CAMTUR), Private Sector Council for Educational Assistance (CoSPAE). In public bodies such as the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) and the Council of the National Institute for the Use of Human Resources (INADEH) and the Curriculum Transformation Commission (MEDUCA).
Everything and much more may be possible because of the activity and commitment of the members of APATEL within the framework of Panamanian economic society.