Cocle is located in Central Panama, toward the south coast of the country, roughly 2 hours away from the city, This province could be a great place to visit.  The province is very connected to its native Indian roots and is well known for its hand made typical hats and other folkloric items.  

The province capital, Penonome, showcases several areas with Spanish Colonial architecture which has been practically untouched over time. This little town is also very popular for the Carnivals celebration and home of local festivals such as the tomato festival, the orange festival and the sugar cane festival. However, Cocle main attraction is without a doubt El Valle de Anton.
El Valle de Anton is located on top of a 20 km2 crater of an extinct volcano, the second largest in the world. However, you won’t notice that, the town seems to be a valley (Valle) surrounded by beautiful mountains and flowers. There is plenty to do in this town and it is well worth a visit.
In El Valle (how we popularly call it) unwind and rejuvenate with a volcanic mud mask in Los Pozos Termales (Hot Springs), you can relax and swim in the lovers fall, admire La Piedra Pintada, hike on or take pictures of The Sleeping Indian Girl mountain and see the El Chorro Macho (Macho Waterfalls). You can also discover some native Panamanian animals and flowers in El Nispero Zoo and Botanical garden, take a Horse ride in the town and go crazy in the Sunday Market (despite the name, this market is open every day). 
Of course, you are still in Panama so beaches are still an option in this province. You can either go to the very famous beach resorts all inclusive hotels around that area or simply go to other beaches close by. The most popular ones are Santa Clara and Farallon.