Los Santos

Los Santos is located in the Azuero Peninsula, and together with Herrera, it is considered the house of Panamanian folklore, where the national customs La Pollera (for women) and the Montuno (for men) are the province’s symbol. The National Festival of the Pollera is celebrated in this province, in Las Tablas town, and is very popular within locals for the beauty of the dresses and the enthusiasm of the local women trying to become the festival’s queen.

Las Tablas, the province’s capital, is widely popular in the country because of its carnival celebration. Carnivals in Las Tablas are, for most of the people, the best in the country. So if you happen to be in Panama around that time of the year, this is something you don’t want to miss out. Getting accommodation for the Carnivals can be rather difficult because the town is small and everybody wants to be there. Panamanians book hotels sometimes a year in advance and lots of the people have developed relationships with the local house owners so they can guarantee accommodation in their house every year. However, by talking with the locals you will find that people are very friendly and often let you tag along with their groups or camp out on their back yards at a modest price. Don’t be afraid to ask, actually even the Panamanians end up in houses with 30 people where they only know 2 of them. That is how its done!  

Another popular festival in the province is in the little town of Guarare, the Mejorana Festival, which is a folkloric music festival mostly enjoyed by the central provinces community (Cocle, Veraguas, Herrera and Los Santos).
For the beach maniacs, of course there is more here. The province boasts an extensive coastline with many well known beaches to swim and relax such as Destiladeros, El Toro, Punta Mala and El Arenal in the district of Pedasi. This region is also very popular for fishing. Isla Iguana is very popular for its blue water for snorkeling with its colorful seabed and sea life. This Island is considered a wildlife refuge and offer around 16 hectares of coral reef (the biggest in Panama Gulf) with 14 different coral species and over 500 fish species. In addition, there is a great diversity of bird species. 
For the surfers, the place is Playa Venado (or Vena’o as Panamanians will pronounce it), which is literally a surfing paradise with powerful waves from 4 feet up to 15 feet. This beach has also been host to many international surfing events.