Panama Regional Info (App Version)

Panama Beaches, surfing, fishing, scuba diving,  mountains, rainforest, hiking, active city, great nightlife, amazing restaurants, multiple shopping malls, the Panama Canal.  We promise you, you will have an experience you will never forget!  Panama has a lot to offer…don’t take too long, there is a great adventure waiting for you!
Panama is the only country in the World where you can see the sunrise in the Pacific and the sunset in the Atlantic on the same day. The narrowest distance between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans it is only 80 kilometers. 

Panama is home to more bird species than the USA and Canada combined.

Between 13,000 to 14,000 ships cross the Panama Canal every year which brings in around 1.8 billion US dollars a year in tolls directly to the Panamanian economy.

Panama City is the only capital city in the World with a rainforest within city limits - The Metropolitan Park. 

Albrook Mall is the 13th biggest shopping mall in the World and the biggest in the Americas.



Panama has10 provinces: Bocas del Toro, Chiriqui, Cocle, Colon, Darien, Herrera, Los Santos, Panama, Panama Oeste and Veraguas, and 1 special region: Comarca Guna Yala, each one offering great things to suite all tastes. 
Panama  and Panama Oeste Provinces
Panama City, the capital of the country is a very active metropolis with impressive skyline and infrastructure. Here you can go shopping, enjoy the nightlife and see the more modern part of the country. You can also visit UNESCO world heritage sites – Panama Viejo ruins and Casco Antiguo. Moreover, the city offers eco-tourism sites like The metropolitan park,  Gamboa Rainforest and Soberania Park. There are also hiking trails.
While in the city, you must visit the Panama Canal. A man made work of art connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean crossing through the Isthmus of Panama and one of the most important infrastructures in International Maritime trade.
For soaking up the sun and swim in beautiful beaches you should go to Panama Oeste beaches. 
Bocas del Toro
Very famous for beautiful caribbean beaches and home to the Red Frog, also appreciated for the seafood restaurants and surprisingly good nightlife.
Popular due to the cooler weather in the highlands, the beautiful mountains, the Baru Volcano (highest point in Panama) and the variety of flowers and birds. There you can find activities like hiking, jungle walks, Tree Trekking and river rafting to enjoy.
Los Santos
Part of the Azuero Peninsula, offers a lot of culture within small towns like Las Tablas, Guarare and Pedasi. Las Tablas has a rich colonial history and is widely popular for Panamanian carnivals. The province is also popular for its extensive coastline with many well-known beaches including Playa Venado, a surfer’s paradise with powerful waves. This beach has also been host to many international surfing events. Isla Iguana is a popular snorkeling and diving destination and is the top natural attraction in Azuero Peninsula easily reached from Pedasi.
Comarca Guna Yala
Without hesitation, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It consists of around 365 small islands where you will find golden sand and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by palm trees and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore, this is the perfect place to relax. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can snorkel or dive around these idyllic islands and see some of the oldest coral reefs in the world. Island hopping around these picturesque retreats is done by small rowboats, canoes or motorboats. You can also visit the local villages and witness the native Panamanians where they will be making and selling their beautiful handmade molas.
Other popular destinations
El Valle de Anton in Cocle, UNESCO World Heritage sites – Portobelo and Fort San Lorenzo in Colon, the National parks in Veraguas, the only "desert" in the country in Herrera and the extreme conditions of the Darien jungle.