Hoteliers organize regional congress of positioning in attention to the tourist

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Panama will host the Regional Congress of Hospitality and Tourism to address positioning, integration, growth and technology of the sector

The Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel) organizes the fifth version of the Regional Congress of Hospitality and Tourism (Corehotu), which will address the thematic axes on positioning, integration, growth, and technology of the sector to ensure the change towards a new model in The quality of attention to tourists.
This version of Corehotu will feature panelists such as Enrique de la Madrid, former Secretary of Tourism of Mexico; Inigo Madeiro, travel and tourism photographer from Spain; Mexican Darío Flota, who belongs to the Tourism Promotion Council of the Rivera Maya and Cozumel.
The organizers contemplate the participation of some 200 people, who in their majority have a managerial profile or of managerial level with power for the decision making, with the origin of all the states of the country and different turns.
Hoteliers are convinced that this activity represents an important contribution to tourism, which should register growth in line with the increase in diversification and competition between destinations.