Located in the east-most of the country, Darien is famously known because of the Darien Gap (Tapon del Darien) where the Pan-American Highway (from Alaska to Chile) stops, avoiding a road connection with neighbor country Colombia in South America. 

Darien is the biggest province in the country but the least populated because it is basically a huge rainforest with very little civilization. This place is for people that really love the outdoors and are willing to sacrifice comfort for adventure. Most of Darien inhabitants are indigenous groups and Afro-descendant communities that still maintain their ancestral customs and live under very rural conditions.  
The main touristic attraction is the Darien National Park declared by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve of Humankind due to the biological diversity and its genetic value. Here you can enjoy the rainforest’s flora and fauna, hiking around the jungle, river boat trips and see how the native indigenous groups, Embera and Wounan, live. They may also show you some traditional dances and some other practices of their culture. All these activities will be rather uncomfortable and in a challenging environment, so be ready to get dirty, wet and sweat a lot! 
In addition, in the middle of the park you can visit the remains of a very famous gold mine that is now covered by the vegetation. This area is considered one of the top 10 spots in the world for bird watching. 
If you decide to visit this region we strongly recommend you organize it with a tour operator. This will ensure your personal safety as the region is dangerous if you end up in the wrong place.