Taxi Information

Everything you need to know about taxis in Panama City

Taxi's in Panama are found at ranks in many parts of town or can be called to come to your home or hotel.

You will see Panamanians everywhere taking taxis at any time of the day since it is considered a safe, convenient, and economical way to travel. Touring the city of Panama by taxi is easy since there is a large number of these vehicles circulating around the city and you can request a stop anywhere.

Does it seem easy? That's the way it should be! Of course, a smart traveler can always benefit from some advice. If you plan to visit the capital of Panama by taxi, we recommend you to know the following:

Table of taxi fares in the city of Panama established by the Transit and Land Transport Authority (A.T.T.T), an institution that regulates or governs land traffic in Panama

What are the sectors and how are they divided?
Sectors are small or determined geographic areas. For example neighborhoods like "Los Andes No. 1 or urbanizations like" Condado del Rey ".

How many sectors are there and what are they?
The taxi fare table is divided into "North Area Sectors" and "South Area Sectors" in each there are 10 sectors labeled with letters from (A) to (L), now let's see within each sector how many neighborhoods or developments there are.