1 Day In Taboga

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The island of Flores was the residence of Van Gogh, and of Francisco Pizarro for some time. I can not imagine what life on the island would be like at that time. What is left of that island? How much Taboga influenced the artist.

Taboga is a not very large island that can be distinguished from the causeway of Amador. And in the absence of dumping is a good place to spend Sunday, or Monday. Better on Monday than on Sunday, because on Sundays it's full of Sundays. But it can not be said that it is a beautiful island. He has his things. The water is clear if the sun is out, otherwise the sea reflects a brownish color.

The ticket there costs just $ 20 in a round trip format. You can disembark with the cooler and food or take a fried fish in front of the shore in one of its popular "chiringuitos".

The last time I went to Taboga, I did it on the day of the feast of Our Lady of Carmen. July 16 was a daily day so the few of us who were traveling on the ferry were practically journalists and photojournalists. Now I think about it and it seems I would have gone to say goodbye to her.

The fact is that on July 16 the residents of Taboga organize a beautiful water procession. It starts around 11 in the morning and the walk is quite curious. It is worth seeing. Taboga was perhaps my most frequented destination during my stay in Panama. It is the perfect place for a lot of plans. That you have a bachelorette party, you take the girlfriend and the friends on the boat in front of Taboga. That you have a party with your co-workers, you go on a yacht. Sure, if the yacht is from another.

That's what I did in my first job. The yacht anchored in front of Taboga and we took a couple of swims. We made barbecue and we had a couple of "pints". The pity is that renting a yacht for a day is expensive. Around 1000 dollars. So the thing about traveling on a yacht is over.

I wanted to sleep on the island. I imagine that at night you should be quieter than during the day. On July 16, I remember that one of the presidential candidates of the nation was scheduled to land in a helicopter on the island. Well, while the people celebrated the party drinking beer at the door of their homes with music at full speed, dozens of police units swarmed through the streets of Taboga. More or less a couple of troops in each corner.