Adventure tourism in Panama: Nature in all it its splendor

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The natural heritage of Panama and its ecosystems and pristine spaces allow many tourists to enjoy the isthmus and make adventure tourism and different activities, which allow us to have fun with risky sports. Undoubtedly, rivers, beaches and mountains have given rise to skydiving, mountaineering, cayucos races or rappelling in the wooded areas of this country.

If you decide to do adventure tourism in Panama you will really have a good time because you can do different activities related to eco-tourism by having two oceans and a central mountain range. Extreme sports can be practiced in the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro.
Panama is an excellent choice if you want to practice horseback riding through the mountains, cycling on difficult terrain, rock climbing, windsurfing or any type of activity that requires some more technical knowledge. It is true that all people do not like to risk or perform this type of activity; However, there is a high number that chooses to integrate fully into the ecosystems and landscapes enjoying the activity that they may like the most.
The New York Times chose Panama in 2012 as the best place to visit. The article highlighted his channel and described it as the symbol of the country. The old town of the city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997 is a must visit.
Surfing is one of the favorite sports par excellence. This exciting activity you can practice in perfect scenarios of the beaches of Panama as in the Chame areas. Many international surfers have visited the country to participate in very important tournaments.
The birds represent a potential tourist eco very important in the country and the International Park La Amistad offers us this possibility to enjoy and know 425 species of a total of 925 already identified at national level. Panama is positioned as the number one country in Central America and remains among the 10 best countries in the world with more species of birds observed in a day. The positioning of this country is an excellent opportunity to give continuity to the tradition of being an attractive destination for the sighting of all kinds of birds. Although it is true that Panama's temperatures are quite high, the country is full of trees and shrubs where birds can be in the shade and cool off. The bee hummingbird, the bull's blood and the tile are the most common birds.
Very little distance from Panama City is the Isla de los Monos. We must cross the Culebra Curve of the Panama Canal that will take us to the National Park of Sovereignty. While we pass through this beautiful park we can have information about the endemic birds of the area. The island of the Monkeys, technically it is not. Due to the dredging of the channel that has already connected it to the mainland, it is a fairly accessible area by boat and very safe for different wildlife species. We can find hundreds of birds, crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, alligators, eagles, whitish white-faced monkeys, among other species that mix with wildlife and nature. It is a perfect adventure. This excursion is very popular and offers the perfect excuse to explore the Panama Canal by visiting the four species of monkeys: capuchin, howler, saguinus geoffroyi and the gray-bellied monkey. The boats go during the day to this place that has very strict regulations, since the guides do not allow to feed the monkeys.
In summary, it should be noted that Panama is a country full of possibilities to carry out a large number of land, air or sea adventure activities. Without a doubt, it will depend on our tastes to opt for one or the other.