Aristotle Brena: chef of “Nazca 21” delights palates

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Chef Brena is the Peruvian chef who triumphs in Panama

Jaime Aristoteles Brena is a great Peruvian chef born in Huancavelica, who has been leaving Peruvian gastronomy in the Caribbean country of Panama, with his Restaurant “Nazca 21” and has more than 25 years of experience in the art of cooking, specialized in seafood.

The chef was visiting Lima, after making a gastronomic route through the south of the country, especially in Ica where he plans to open a branch of his restaurant “Nazca 21”.

Aristotles Brena was awarded this year with the Golden Star Awards in recognition of his great culinary career. In 2015, it opened in the old town of Panama City, becoming a great reference for Peruvian food.

Among the variety of dishes offered in its restaurant, is the Inka shrimp, cooked with a base of red pepper reduction with white wine and a touch of cognac, bathed with a port reduction, and served on a bed of mashed potatoes.

However, one of the dishes that captivates the inhabitants of the Caribbean country is the famous charcoal octopus of the house, which can be accompanied with a pisco sour de tamarindo, one of the renewed offers prepared by the Nazca bar 21 in Panama, where it has 3 branches.