Do you Believe in Heaven on Earth?

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Along the Caribbean coast of Panama lay over 365 islands and cays.

Just a short flight from Panama city will bring you to these alluring islands. Flying on a small plane or by helicopter will bring you to land on El Porvenir, the capital of the Comarca. You can also reach these islands by car and boat, but you should have a strong stomach before you attempt this as the road is as curvy as a roller coaster and the sea can be choppy.

When arriving to these islands your breath is taken away with the pure beauty of the surroundings. The water is crystal clear and the sand is literally glistening in the light. You are welcomed by locals who live on the islands and offer accommodation. We stayed at the hotel on El Porvenir which includes two meals per day cooked for you on demand. Listening to the gentle waves lap the shore as you lay in a hammock enjoying your book ensures you that the only thing you have to worry about is applying more sun screen.

Beach in El Porvenir Island

Traveling from island to island can be done with smalls canoes or speed boat. You can expect to love the beaches on the different islands, be fascinated snorkeling in the colorful reefs and be intrigued by the Gunas who reside on the islands.The Gunas wear colorful clothes with bright and interesting designs. They are hunters and fishermen and live a clean lifestyle. On some of the islands the children even have opportunities to attend school, sometimes you can see them traveling to or from the schools by canoe.


Everything about these islands is like being in a movie; the sights of the beautiful ocean meeting the shore, the sounds of the birds singing in the trees, the smell of the lush green grass and then to feel the soft golden sand between your toes, whilst you sip from a fresh young coconut.

I left my heart in this paradise.