Peru and Panama: 115 years of friendship, understanding and mutual cooperation

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The Republic of Panama was born to independent life on November 3, 1903 and a few days later, on December 18, Peru recognizes the new Latin American nation sister and establishes -from that same date- solid diplomatic relations sustained in the friendship, fraternity, cordiality, understanding and mutual cooperation.
Peru was thus constituted in the first Latin American country and one of the first worldwide to recognize Panama as a sovereign State, designating, in September 1904, as its first diplomatic representative the official who had served as Consul in the previous years. This implies, like no other country, that Peru has maintained a continuous diplomatic representation in Panama, from practically its birth as a free nation and that the Peruvian Consulate in Panama City is one of the oldest consular offices established in Panama, even before of its establishment as a Republic.
The history of Peru and Panama is also linked through the development of the libertarian thoughts and struggles that united Peruvians and Panamanians around the ideal of independence in 1821, until reaching the projection of both countries in the global exchange networks. Currently, Peru and Panama share an interest in the defense of democratic institutions, freedom and human rights, the fight against corruption, drug trafficking and money laundering, the concern about climate change, as well as the application of economic policies of open markets.
The coincidences between the two countries have allowed maintaining proximity, political dialogue and coordinated action in bilateral, regional and multilateral spheres. In the bilateral sphere, it is of the case to highlight the realization - in Lima - of the Second Meeting of the Peru-Panama Political Consultation Mechanism, in May of 2017, while in the multilateral one the cooperative participation of both countries in the success must be highlighted of the VII and VIII Summit of the Americas, held in Panama City and Lima, respectively.
Both Peru and Panama maintain their deepest interest in continuing to strengthen the bilateral agenda, with a strategic vision, incorporating innovative areas of investment and cooperation, such as mining, agriculture, logistics, naval industry, science and technology, development social and gastronomy.
In celebration of the 115th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Peru and Panama, we can not fail to recognize that the intertwined history of the two countries is based precisely on their own people, on those numerous family ties that have given each country men and women. illustrious women; of those Panamanians who studied at recognized Peruvian universities, such as the University of San Marcos and the University of Engineering; of those cadets graduated from military schools and police institutes of Peru, as well as soon Peruvian cadets completing their studies at the National Police School of Panama; of those Peruvian gastronomic entrepreneurs who have added more than 50 restaurants in Panama; and, in general, of the nearly 9,000 Peruvians residing in Panama, fully integrated into Panamanian society, and of the more than 350 Panamanians who are hosted in Peru.
We are committed to continuing to build our inescapable shared future!