The 5 Best Rum Ponche of Panama

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It is a thick drink that is used to toast for good health. Some may consider it a dessert or a "night cup" before sleeping, but what is really true is that punch rum is part of the Christmas celebration. We have selected five recipes that must be tested on these dates.

1.GOURMET: a family recipe that has been improved over time. The liquor used is cognac, an alcoholic beverage that is associated with luxury and distinction. Each bottle carries with it 25 years of tradition.

2. GEISHA BOURBON NOG: Cafe Unido and Amano joined together to create this punch rum. Made with the best Geisha coffee they offer in their cafeteria and Bourbon whiskey, a must-have distilled in the cocktail bar.

3.OF THE ITA: it is done in a bath with great patience, with evaporated milk, eggs, condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and a clear rum of good quality.

4.RON PISTACCHIO: a twist to traditional punch rum, made with pistachios and Ron Abuelo and Zacapa (blend), which was born more than 50 years ago in the family of Andrea Altamirano-Duque. As of 2011 he starts selling his first bottles.

5.BETZABE DELIGHTS: it is made under the traditional recipe and the distillate used to elevate the tasting experience is rum.