Tourism in Panama and its economic impact

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Tourism has grown considerably, although less than desired versus the increase in hotel infrastructure, especially in recent years.

Tourism is currently one of the most important economic and cultural activities of our country. We understand by tourism all those activities that have to do with knowing or enjoying regions or spaces in which one does not live permanently. We can observe different types of tourism: cultural, adventurous, entertainment, relaxation tourism. The variety of people and tourist activities that make up our tourism is very wide. Despite being a small country, we are surrounded by two (2) majestic seas, lots of flora and fauna, beautiful islands, and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, in which international events are held. We have a sleeping volcano from whose top you can see the Caribbean Sea and the South Sea and many other areas of unimaginable beauty.
The origin of tourists is varied, this country is known as a melting pot of races and culture, especially for the high volume of tourists entering our country from all over the world.

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Tourism has grown considerably, although less than desired versus the increase in hotel infrastructure, especially in recent years. Tourism has become one of the main sectors of importance of the Panamanian economy. This reflects that in recent years the Tourism Authority of Panama has been developing advertising plans and projects to publicize tourist activities and beautiful places that are part of our country, but we know that greater efforts will come.

Sample of its importance, tourism occupies the first place in income among the large economic sectors, ahead of the Canal and the Colon Free Zone, according to official data.

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The cruise industry and operations, such as home port, have had a positive impact on the Panamanian economy. Currently, in Panama, the home port operations are carried out by the company Colon 2000, where the Monarch of The Seas cruise ship, from the Pullman Tours company, and the Vision of The Seas, from the Royal Caribbean shipping company, arrive weekly Large number of passengers every week. This positive impact on the economy, regardless of the possible variants of tourism, is very important, since this activity is projected in the economic recovery that generates in the specific region in which it is carried out, by the number of jobs that creates, infrastructure works, the development of gastronomic and hotel establishments and the growth of air, land or sea transport.
Today, the volume of this business means that tourism has become one of the main actors in international trade, and represents at the same time one of the largest sources of income for many developing countries.
In our opinion, the security of a good immigration process helps tourists feel confident when making these, and feel safe in their investment, so that law firms help this part of the tourist economy of the country, With our advice and responsible service. The same comment we give about the importance of advising tourism entrepreneurs about legal incentives to this industry without chimneys.