Panama Beaches

Panama is a country with numerous paradisaical beaches ideal for sunbathing and enjoying the sea.

Panama is a country with numerous paradisiacal beaches ideal for sunbathing and enjoying the sea. They are famous for their crystal clear waters or perfect waves for surfing, among other things. In this article, we show you some of the best you can visit ordered from least to most beautiful. What is the most beautiful beach in Panama? Below you can find our recommendations:

Isla Coiba, in the Gulf of Chiriqui, is one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, its beach is perfect for diving and enjoying the seabed. Although it may not seem like it, until 2004 the island was a prison.

San Blas or Kuna Yala - is an archipelago of 365 Caribbean islands where the Guna indigenous people live. They are small islands perfect for bathing in calm waters.

Cayos Zapatilla - Inside the Marine Park of Bastimentos we find Zapatilla Cays, two paradisiacal islands of such beauty that were the location of the first edition of the Spanish Survivors contest.

Beach of the Stars On Isla Colon, in Bocas del Toro, the beach of Las Estrellas is located, which receives this name because in it you can see big orange starfish. Remember that you can not touch or get out of the water, as it is dangerous to your life.

Venao Beach - is on the Azuero Peninsula, in the Pacific Ocean. It is a perfect beach for lovers of surfing and it holds several championships of this sport. In addition, it is located next to the jungle.

Santa Clara Beach - Another beautiful beach that stands out in Panama is Santa Clara, in Coclé, 13 km from Corona. This part of the Pacific coast is characterized by white sand. In it the sea is usually quite calm.

Farallón Beach - This Pacific beach is located in Farallón, a fishing village. It is mostly white sand and is located 120 km from Panama City. In addition, it is close to Scarlett Martinez International Airport.

La Angosta Beach - in Colón, is paid, as it is controlled by a private company. However, it is clean and has security. It has a part of white sand and a part of black sand. If you go, you should know that it closes at four in the afternoon.

Big Island - Isla Grande is located in the Portobelo National Park, on the north coast of the Caribbean. To get here, it is necessary to go by boat. It is a perfect island to dive, because the water is transparent. In it we find the statue of the Black Christ, placed inside the sea.

Gorgona Beach - In West Panama, we find the Gorgona beach, an area of ​​white sand quite frequented in summer since it is only 80 km from Panama City. You can stay in cabins or rental houses.

Tortuguilla Beach - To enter Tortuguilla beach and the fort located near it, you have to pay. This small beach of the San Lorenzo National Park is surrounded by jungle and to get to it you have to cross a road with enough charm. It is also known as Batata beach.

​White beach - Playa Blanca is located in Coclé. This part of the Atlantic coast is formed by a tourist complex in which we find both luxury and all-inclusive hotels. Near this beach we find Farallón, a traditional fishing village.

Río Mar Beach - Another prominent Pacific beach is Río Mar, 96 km from Panama City. In it flows a river, so you can bathe both in saltwater and freshwater. In addition, it also has a perfect area for surfing.

Veracruz Beach - This beach is the closest to Panama City, it is about 20 minutes by car. In it we find several restaurants known for their delicious fried fish.

Morrillo Beach - In the province of Veraguas we find Morillo beach. It is usually not very crowded. In addition, due to some accidents, bathing is prohibited. Only experienced surfers can enter the water.

Emergency phone numbers in Panama:
  • Phone Directory: 102
  • Police: 104
  • Tourism Police: 511-9260
  • Ambulance: 911
  • Firemen: 103
  • Sinaproc: *335 or 316-3200