Tourism in the Province of Veraguas - Panama

Santiago: Capital, pleasant and quiet environment, there we found the terminal, banks as the General, Banitsmo, Caja de Ahorros, and others, we find there the Juan Demóstenes park, the monument to Doctor Juan Bautista Amador García who was the hero of the separation with Colombia and the first governor of Veraguas.
Santa Catalina: Santa Catalina is now also a tourist destination, and much of the small community’s income and industry is derived through tourism. In the high season (from December to April), hostels fill up, whilst in the low season, the town feels like a sleepy village where you can lose yourself in the slow pace of life.
Santa Fe: It is 57 Km. From Santiago, there we find one of its main attractions as are the orchids in this place is easy to find fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.
Calobre: ​​Thermal water wells; are credited with high healing power.
The Table: Saltwater wells called "El Salado"

Natural Attractions
Cerro Hoya National Park: Created in the year of 1985. More than 95 species of birds have been counted, among them the Pintado parakeet, the scarlet macaw, the king buzzard, the osprey, and the hawk. White-tailed deer, ñeques, painted rabbits, jaguar, ocelot.
Isla Coiba National Park: Created in 1991, it protects marine, insular and coastal ecosystems. This island is the largest in the country. It has mangroves, active coral reefs, sea turtles, among others. 1450 species of vascular plants such as Ceiba, Sepave, tangare, and cedar hawthorn have been counted. So far, 69 species of fish have been identified.
La Yeguada Forest Reserve: Created in 1960, it is approximately 50 km from the Pan-American Highway. It is of vital importance because it protects the basin by ensuring the controlled flow of water.
Ramsar Wetland Gulf De Montijo: Created in 1994, is located on the Pacific Coast of Veraguas, 30 km from the city of Santiago, has a great diversity of flora and fauna, we can mention the lutra longicaudis, Ateles geoffroyi, Bradypus variegatus, Crocodylus acutus, caiman fuscus, and others

Cultural Attractions in the Province of Veraguas
Thanks to the different cultures that have inhabited these lands, we make known their main cultural attraction:
  • Crafts
  • Goldsmith Replicas of huacas in cement
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Saddlery and leather goods
  • Indigenous
  • Naguas
  • Crochet
  • Hats
  • Tulas and gourds
  • Pylons, rafts, and sidewalks
  • Snail curtain
  • Costume jewelry in fish scale
  • Wristband

These allow the people to highlight their beliefs and customs which make known the sociability of the people of this region.

Patron Saint Festivities of Santiago Apostle: Patron of the town to which thousands of people go to visit the first Sunday of Lent, in which groups of dances from the region and golds participate, takes place in the Plaza San Juan De Dios.
Feria De Sona: There are concerts, tourist tours, folkloric presentations, agricultural and livestock exhibitions.
Santa Fe Agropecuaria Fair: Every year is celebrated, there are gathered several companies interested in promoting services to local and foreign visitors, exhibiting products in wood, white cane, and penca.
Others such as Rodeo Viejo, Sona: It has an agricultural and artisan exhibition.
Arenas Fair (Montijo): Also called the Del Sur Fair, it is an agricultural, artisanal, and agricultural exhibition.
Playa Morrillo​: Playa Morrillo, a semi-deserted beach located in the province of Veraguas, a little off the map, in fact, it is not on the map. This beach is for the more adventurous, although it has accommodations and road, it is a little hidden. This beach is a special destination for surfers of all categories because it offers a wave that at its best is a spectacular tube, apart from it is even a Panamanian secret spot.
Panama Dive Center: They run trips from Santa Catalina daily. The boat usually leaves between 8 and 8.30 in the morning and comes back at about 4.30. The ride to the dive sites takes about one hour and thirty minutes. Panama Dive Center does two or three dives a day, depending on what you prefer, and (occasionally) weather conditions.

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