How do you celebrate the St Valentin's Day in Panama

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Western culture has brought together in the Valentine's Day celebration a number of ancient customs, many of them ritualized, aimed at celebrating, promoting and extolling the love of the couple. It is celebrated in a different way from one corner of the world to another. In Spain, lovers give each other a gift and it is a day where there is no lack of flowers and romantic dinners.

Each country has its own customs and ways of

  • Single women in Britain and Italy get up at dawn on Valentine's Day and wait outside the window for a man to come by. They believe that the first one to appear will be the one they marry. 
  • English children are used to singing love songs. In return, they receive gifts, sweets, fruit or money. 
  • In some places in England it is typical for people to make scones made from caraway seeds, plums or raisins. 
  • In Italy a Valentine's Day banquet is held because it is considered a great celebration. 
  • In Denmark it is customary to send the most beloved people (friends or couples) white pressed flowers, called snow drops. Danish men send letters called gaekkebrev (funny letter), with a blank return address. If the woman who receives it guesses who sent it, he rewards her with an Easter egg. 
  • In the United States and Canada, the "valentones" are famous: greeting cards that children prepare that day at school and exchange with their friends. They are made of paper tablecloths, red paper, and pictures cut out of magazines. There are also dances and Valentine's Day parties where they give out sweets, gifts and table cards decorated with hearts and cupids. It is customary to send flowers, candy, or other gifts to lovers. In New York, seven couples are chosen to get married that day, at the Empire State Building's 80th floor gazebo, becoming part of the famous building's Wedding Club and having free admission on their anniversary. 
  • In Korea, women offer chocolate to men. 
  • In Japan, thousands of lovers come to Mount Fuji, right at the Lovers' Point in Izu, to ring the Bell of Love three times while pronouncing the name of their beloved to perpetuate their love. 
  • In Latin America, besides the day of the lovers is the day of the friendship.