The Paradises Islands of the Archipelago of Pearls

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Did you know that the Pilgrim Pearl of Philip II and that it was also owned by the actress Elizabeth Taylor was found in the archipelago of Las Perlas? In fact, some of the most famous pearls in the world came from sea-floor oysters around the hundred islands that make up the archipelago.
Many were the daring ones who swam among hundreds of sharks to get these precious pearls. Currently, the Las Perlas archipelago is one of the main tourist areas of Panama that attracts tourists from all over the world. The beautiful beaches of these islands are surrounded by calm and shallow waters that allow you to glimpse a fine white sand. Composed of ninety islands and countless number of islets, the Las Perlas archipelago is located far from the Pacific coast in the Bay of Panama.
BUT, DO YOU KNOW WHAT CAN BE DONE IN THEIR ISLANDS? This place is ideal for lovers of sports activities such as sport fishing, diving, kayaking and sightings of whales, dolphins and turtles. In addition, you can go hiking and cycling on the islands, as well as visit the luxury hotels and restaurants. Although most of these islands are uninhabited, there are some with tourism development. The Island of San Jose is a private island - the second largest - in which the practice of underwater fishing stands out. Then there is the largest island, that is, Isla del Rey or San Miguel, which has the largest number of inhabitants and an airport. Now, if you are a liberal and without prejudice you can visit Sueca Beach: a nudist island.
COUNTRY ISLAND IN THE ARCHIPELAGO OF THE PEARLS It is the only destination in the archipelago that is equipped with enough infrastructure to attract a greater number of visitors. For this reason, most travelers go there. Formerly, Contadora was the island where they distributed the pearls and although it is the most developed, the town is small since it only measures 1.2 square kilometers. This makes it extremely easy to get anywhere.
Other islands that make up the archipelago are: Saboga, Bayonet, Pacheca, Mogo Mogo, Gibraleon, Casayeta, Casaya, La Mina, Galera, Viveros, Cañas and San Telmo. The Pearl Islands were originally named by the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa in honor of the abundant pearls that were harvested from the coasts of their islands.
But interestingly, Balboa never reached the islands, although other Spanish conquerors did. In the process, they murdered all the indigenous populations of the islands and the pearls were harvested. The beautiful beaches of this archipelago have been presented in three seasons of the Survivor program. He also appeared in the second season of the Israeli version of Survivor and in the Colombian reality show El Desafío de Caracol TV.
The archipelago is constantly mentioned in the book The Woman of the Thousand Secrets of Barbara Wood, where the protagonist was an inhabitant of the archipelago, how are you?