Through the streets of San Francisco: Casa Escondida

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The Casa Escondida restaurant has a mystical atmosphere, the fact of being located in a large house in San Francisco, surrounded by vegetation, impregnates an extra pleasure to the daily homage of your good table.

The story began three years ago, when Alfonso De La Espriella and his wife Erika May Osorio found a house on East 72nd Street, San Francisco. The house was not visible to the naked eye from the street, it was hidden, hence the name of the restaurant. The couple fell in love with the house, and for a year they worked hard on its renovation to show and underline the same magic that enchanted them to their customers.

With a free spirit, Chef Alfonso and his preparations highlight the local product elevating it with first world gastronomy techniques. For example, among the most ordered dishes at Casa Escondida are the “Codillo de Cerdo” baked for five hours, served on its crispy skin with a special sauce of the house. An extraordinary training, from the Culinary School of Chile mixed with passion for food produces some extra ordinary flavours. The ”Pasta con Entraña” is accompanied with Bucatini pasta, purple onion, tomato and cilantro with loin sauce. Two main dishes that due to their quality and preparation have a very reasonable cost. From the sea and the land, there is the entrance of “Patacon with Cangrejo” in acevichada sauce, or the 'Crispy Shrimp' a shrimp chicharron with Sriracha mayonnaise and chives.

Cordillo de Cerdo @CasaEscondidaPty

The family atmosphere is always applied in his restaurant in the name of the old traditional rule My Home is Your Home. Casa Escondida today is a cozy place with dim lights, surrounded by greenery. Outside garden is full of exotic herbs and fruits, you can find here Thai basil, rosemary, passion fruit, pineapple and even tomato and all this flavours mixed with the cozy atmosphere of the place and the pleasant staff that invite you to stay in and have a good time.
Casa Escondida is definitely one of those places to escape the crowds and enjoy. A place to relax and enjoy the small pleasures of life. Every detail here tells the story; the small details in all the corners are what make this a magical place. Cookbooks, bottles, flowers, photos old illustrations even the original flooring
Casa Escondida is open from Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.