Other Must See Attractions

Panama is a country privileged with a thriving natural habitat, even its capital, which is located at the heart of the Isthmus, boasts a tropical forest as its urban neighbor. The country's warm, sunny weather is perfect for visitors to go shopping, visit historic ruins, or enjoy the many outdoor activities.

Panama City is divided into three areas: Panama La Vieja (Old Panama), the oldest ruins in the Pacific Coast of the Americas; el Casco Antiguo (Old Quarter), a UNESCO World Heritage site, and; a modern urban center, with more than 300 skyscrapers dotting the skyline.

In Panama, even visitors with the most discerning of tastes can find everything within easy access: the ocean, jungle, a national park with exotic vegetation and tropical birds, casinos, great shopping, international cuisine, and upscale hotels.

Just minutes from the capital you can visit the Panama Canal, one of the engineering wonders of the world, which is surrounded by jungle, man-made lakes that feed the Canal locks, and even the new "Garden City" that continues to grow around and through it.

In the River Chagres, bordering the Canal, visitors can take a day trip to the indigenous village of the Embera tribe, who continue to live and practice their native culture and customs as they have done for hundreds of years.

Panama City offers visitors great diversity in a compact, relaxing, and comfortable space, making it a favorite tourist destination. Visitors are constantly surprised by the rich and colorful landscape and the openness of its skies. Leisure in Panama is truly a gift from nature.

The Republic of Panama is a strategic, s-shaped isthmus that acts as a land bridge between North and South America. It is divided by one of the world's greatest engineering achievements, the Panama Canal. Bordered by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, this tropical paradise boasts more than 1,000 islands.

A cosmopolitan country with a world-class banking sector, one of the world's largest Free Trade Zones, five-star hotels, and a mixture of races and cultures makes Panama the perfect host for international conventions and meetings. Come visit Panama and delight in exploring a small country that offers a mixture of sea, jungle, sun, birds, and plants amid skyscrapers, casinos, international cuisine and a leisurely way of life, where all races and religions live in harmony and share the same destiny.

One of the greatest attractions that await visitors in Panama is the broad selection of stores and shopping malls in the capital. Panama, of late, has become known as a "shopper's paradise". Those visiting Panama not only have the opportunity to learn a bit of history, geography, and culture but also enjoy the warm sun, great beaches, local delicacies, in addition to purchasing clothes and electronics at great prices.

Panama is well-known for its business and services and it is easy to feel right at home. Come and be part of this world, and enjoy both its small-town warmth and cosmopolitan charm.


A tourist destination called Mi Pueblito was built on the foot of Ancon Hill. Mi Pueblito is a cross-cultural site that represents three distinct ethnic groups: the Afro-Antillians (Black and West Indian), traditional Panamanian, and the native indigenous peoples. The cultures are represented via life-size town replicas at the turn of the century.

At Mi Pueblito, visitors can stop at the Pollera Museum and view a collection of unique polleras, Panama's national dress, which has received numerous international awards for its elegance, beauty, and style. You will also find a rich variety of handicrafts from every corner of the country and enjoy typical Panamanian music, food and culture. Like most attractions in Panama, Mi Pueblito is easy to find and get to as it is located just a few minutes from the city center.  


Panama has a new broad public space facing the Bay of Panama where thousands of its residents visit daily. It offers a recreational area 7 km long with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The beltway connects the old colonial quarter to the more modern sectors of the capital, thus providing added value to the rising urban sector.

The Coastal Beltway offers a unique leisure space in an area under constant modernization and urban expansion. The modern skyscrapers that rise along its main boulevard have changed the skyline of Panama City and, when illuminated at night, offer unique views making it a must see for visitors who wish to enjoy a tropical mix of marine and urban ambiance.