Drive to Cambutal

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An hour and a half from Las Tables there is a beach paradise that will make you disconnect from absolutely everything

This destination is located in Tonosí, Los Santos, it is named for the abundance of cambutes, a kind of snail with a delicious mollusk sought after for its exquisiteness. 
But hey, they must be asking where Cambutal is and how it got there. You must get to the picturesque town of Las Tablas and just when you arrive at Porras Park, you turn left following the sign that says FLORES, which is the road, you must cross the whole mountain, and by the way, the road is in excellent condition.
You pass the Cerro Canajagua, if you go with a little time you must go up to have a spectacular view of Las Tablas and the beaches, ah! and there are some super famous raspaos up there. After getting off Flores, you arrive at Tonosí and follow the village sign that says towards the Cambutal beaches, 45 minutes later you will find the beaches. All this tour is summarized in the feeling of crossing the bridge and feel freedom, reaching the villages of central provinces you get a smile and say: wao!
The interior reminds you of your grandmother, when you start to climb Flores and after driving all morning, the first rays of sun fall on the mountain and you disconnect completely.
You arrive at the town and you arrive at a garden to enjoy a beer, no matter what time it is, a jacket is always good! And I tell myself to get rid of guilt: what's the matter, I'm still on vacation. Beer can even be the perfect breakfast. I strongly recommend that you get plenty of ice in Tonosí before continuing your course, and when you finally cross the sign that says to Cambutal, you will lose the telephone signal in 20 minutes. In 45 minutes you arrive, and you can thank me for that feeling of just seeing beaches with endless white sands, waves everywhere, that make you think: why do I live in the city?
How nice is Panama, right? I always go camping, however, this time I have a girlfriend, now I have to negotiate 2 days camping and 2 days in a hotel. Although I do not regret it, I met Danielle, an Italian who decided to live there and build the Hotel Boomshiva, perfect bungalows, with air conditioning, makes pizzas and fresh pasta, too good food. For my luck, we became friends and we cook together, the truth is that you can learn a lot from a European.
If you go with family, children, wife or your girlfriend I recommend them, there are turtle nesting tours which is a nice experience right next to the hotel. Anyway, if you want to spend a good holiday disconnected, and in contact with nature, that is your best option. Take advantage of summer