Festivities that you must live in Panama

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Panama is a country in celebration

Panamanians are characterized by the love of our culture, we breathe diversity and strength, which is why folklore is filled with various festivities as varied and colorful.

In Panama there is a holiday almost for everything, which is why there are many tourists all year round, in addition to natural diversity. You can find activities, both in the capital city, as in the other provinces that make up the country. This is where culture and tradition come together.

Parade of the thousand skirts
Every January 13, thousands of women and girls dress up with their best skirts and parade between dances, songs and laughter through the folkloric streets of Las Tablas, province of Los Santos. The pollera is one of the national pride for being considered the most beautiful national costume in the world. Among gold jewelry, the resounding of the drums and the allegorical carts Panamanians honor the customs of that region.

Panama Jazz Festival
The Panama Jazz Festival is a cultural, artistic and educational event inspired by its creator Panamanian president and pianist Danilo Pérez. Through this initiative, he offers the entire region the best musical jazz event in Central America. In this way it unites people from different countries of the world.

In the month of January and during most of the year you can also find music festivals like this one.

Fair of flowers and coffee
With a cooler and more pleasant climate than the fair of flowers and coffee; known as Feria de Boquete, is an event that takes place every year in the month of January in the district of Boquete province of Chiriquí. In this fair you will find beautiful gardens with a variety of flowers from all over the region, as well as selling flowers you will even see handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and various services.

To culminate nothing better than tasting the different types of coffee in Panama and the award-winning Geisha coffee.

Every year, the long-awaited national and foreign carnival of Panama takes place. There are four days of pure fun from every 9th of February. The carnival of Panama is characterized by the famous 'mojaredas' or 'culecos' as the Panamanians call it, the event is that tank trucks spray water from the river during presentations and parallel activities. Also, it gets its name from the show where rival streets face chants and a lot of luxury and splendor.

Festival of devils and congos
The town of Portobelo in the province of Colon in the month of March becomes a palenque. Here the people disguised as devils and congos recall the past of struggle, resistance and liberation from the Spanish yoke. This battle was waged by Afro-colonial blacks, who were brought in slave ships and against their will to the then-called New World. The flirty and sticky dance invites both Panamanians and visitors to live this unique experience.

Fair of the sea
In the month of September, the province of Bocas del Toro; specifically, Isla Colón, is the host of this magnificent festival. In this opportunity, the sea is the protagonist; Therefore, aquatic competitions such as motor boat races, rowboats and fishing tournaments are held. In addition, from the side events you can enjoy the sale of traditional food and crafts of the province. The presentation of artists and musical groups is another reason to travel, and live these festivities.

National Holidays
November, the month of the country dresses up. Each public and private school and government institutions come out to pay tribute to the motherland. On the days of parades we can find the famous bands of war that play the happy musical notes that intone the passion of being Panamanian. No doubt each battalion demonstrates its best performances to entertain the public inside and outside the public road.

When you want to know a different culture, they say: "You must dare to live it and enter it until you adopt another nationality". Live the Passion that enhances in a very personal way and lives the festivities of Panama.