How to organize the travel suitcase

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Traveling is one of the great pleasures of life, but many times we find that we do not know how to organize the travel suitcase. It is very common to carry unnecessary things causing us to have weight and little space to return home with new things from our destination.
For this reason, we have given ourselves the task of finding useful tips that can help you make the way easily, organized and with enough space to add extra things.
MAKE A GOOD LIST: Before you even assemble your luggage, it is important that you sit down and think about everything you need to take you on a trip. It is very practical to make a list of everything you are going to wear so that you are not adding things that you may not even touch. In addition, it will help you not to forget anything both on the way and back.
CONSIDER THE SIZE OF YOUR SUITCASE: It is important to know what type and size of suitcase you are going to carry. This will depend on the type of destination you make, the temperature of the place, airline restrictions or terminations, and the number of days you are going to be away from home. If you will make a trip where you do not have to move from one place to another, consider carrying a suitcase with normal proportions. On the other hand, if you will make a trip where you will be going to different destinations, it is best to use a backpack.
ORGANIZE YOUR SUITCASE ACCORDING TO THE DESTINATIONS YOU MAKE: It is very unlikely that, when you are traveling, you will be staying in one place. We recommend you take everything organized so that you do not have to pack your suitcase every time you move to a new place. Use cloth bags that serve as compartments. In this way, you can get what you need without mismatching the rest.
FIND THE CLIMATE OF YOUR DESTINATION IN ADVANCE: Every time you make a trip, do not forget to check in advance the weather condition of your destination during the time you are going to be. This will help you easily identify what kind of clothes and items are necessary to wear.
WRAP YOUR CLOTHING: At the time of packing, roll clothes instead of folding. This is very effective because you will save space and so you can make room for other things that you need to carry in your suitcase. Also, if you pack by set of clothes and in the order that you will use it, you can easily find what you need
WEAR THE MOST VOLUMINOUS CLOTHES: If you visit a cold place, it is best to put on the coat with the biggest and heaviest footwear so that it does not occupy so much volume in the suitcase.
USE COMPRESSOR BAGS TO SAVE SPACE: They are large bags in which you can compress the air, either with a vacuum cleaner or manually. This method is used by many people to store clothes out of season. In fact, they are very good for keeping the bulky winter items that you would place in your suitcase. Remember: occupying less space does not mean that it weighs less.
TAKE A HAND BAGGAGE: Whether it's a suitcase, backpack or bag, we recommend you take it to store all your valuable items such as: electronic devices, tickets and your ID. Do not forget to bring your chargers or a portable battery so you can recharge your cell phone during the trip. Also put extra items like: sunglasses or a sweater in case you get cold.  
ALREADY READY TO TRAVEL! Remember that organizing your suitcase takes time, do it early so you do not forget anything at all. We are confident that with these organizational tips you can easily pack.