Malo Restaurant in Panama

Editorial Food & Drink Lifestyle
A restaurant that is based on the concept of Spanish tapas, which fuses a variation between Panamanian, Peruvian, Spanish and Japanese food, offering the highest gastronomic quality in tapas-style portions, at a price accessible to all.

In addition to this we want to enhance the wines, the great beverage of all times. Its objective is to offer them in the European style, in which the price is not an impediment to take it for drinks with a good company.

This concept has come to break the barrier that a label is only good when it is expensive. Here the good ones are the most "BAD" at the best prices.

The design of the place is alley style, with a great graffiti of "El GATO" that denotes elegance, class, exquisiteness, neatness, this is stealthy and very clean although its habitat is the street.

That is BAD the fusion of good food accompanied by excellent drinks in a modern and pleasant space.