Tourist MIPYMES enable in digital marketing strategies

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The tourism chambers of Los Santos, Chiriquí, Veraguas, Tierras Alta and Colón, as well as 15 coffee plantations, the Santa Fe Cooperative and hotels in the city of David that will be incorporated into the Coffee Circuit, learned about the new digital marketing strategies in the seminar workshop:

The event, which took place in David, province of Chiriquí, was organized by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP), in partnership with the Tourism Promotion Agency of Central America (CATA, for its acronym in English) and the Federation of Chambers of Tourism of Central America (FEDECATUR).  

The topics of the seminar revolved around the latest techniques for the promotion of tourist destinations and products with the application of technological tools, and the exhibitions were carried out by experts in this field. 

The president of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriqui, Jorge Tovar, pointed out that these trainings are decisive if they seek to integrate the country as an international destination. "It was very valuable the amount of information that was provided to the participants, in use of the technology based on the consumption trends of tourists worldwide, the way in which the integration of products impacts on those preferences of the markets and the low cost of using the networks. "
"It was a unique opportunity that normally does not occur in the regions. Panama has been the only nation where this seminar has been held that has taken this information to the interior of the country, which makes a difference in the policies of the ATP, to integrate the whole country in the tourist offer, "he said.

It has been noted that companies are looking to show more experiences to customers, ie diversify the product and "the seminar in digital marketing provided the knowledge to improve the way in which the product is exposed. It was extremely important to achieve sales growth. In addition, I learned that innovation is the key to everything, as well as creating attractive content to attract the customer. " Landreth Laws, a group guide at Finca Don Pepe Estate, pointed out that "developing interesting topics to post them clearly and attractively in different languages ​​and capturing the client that moves on the web at the right time, was part of what he learned in the seminar.

The director of Tourism Investments of the ATP, Gina Valderrama, said that the Panamanian entrepreneur has created excellent products, "they are people who live on agriculture, but it is necessary that they use social networks efficiently, they are trained so that they themselves can market their products, that will give them autonomy, "he said.

He stressed that training in innovation is a valuable opportunity for the entrepreneur and his collaborators, especially his community manager, to be updated and have the opportunity to know what the profile of the new traveler is and what he is looking for in a certain destination.

The seminarians were trained on how to advertise on social networks, how to create content, what are the key words to attract the tourist you are looking for. Also, at what time of the year it is opportune to announce or use digital platforms to be competitive, enter with force and capture the customer's attention.