5 reasons to choose Panama as your next travel destination

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Panama is a country that falls in love! Its colorful streets, the warmth of its people, its beaches and its food with a Caribbean touch seduce anyone. I must confess that this Latin American country I was for the first time in 2011, but its appearance is very different from that of seven years ago. Its renovation is easy to notice because of the significant number of skyscrapers that have emerged, the expansion of its Canal and the restoration of the Old Town, site that rescues the colonial style and that is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1997.

The old center of the city has recovered life and along its perfectly cobbled streets you will find the Plaza Mayor, Herrera, Bolívar and France. In addition to the church of San José, National Theater, Casa Góngora, among other emblematic buildings. Ideal trendy places to take magazine pictures or even delight your palate with dishes prepared with fresh seafood, from the local restaurant The Fish Market. 

Take the opportunity to make a mandatory stop in the Panama Canal, a transit road built more than 100 years ago that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic. By day, at least 45 ships from the United States, Chile, China, among others, pass through and pay at least $ 120,000 for tolls.

And where can you stay? Among the huge range of options, we highlight three hotels that stand out in this developed country of Central America: two located in the city, Bristol Panama and The Santa Maria Hotel & Golf Resort and one in Playa Blanca, The Buenaventura Hotel.
The Santa Maria Hotel & Golf Resort

Bristol Panama is a perfect place to stay if you go on vacation, shopping or business trip. Located in the heart of the Panamanian financial city, it is made up of 125 rooms with luxury boutique style and is part of The Leading Hotels of the Word.

The details in each of its perfectly designed corners host contemporary luxury, the dishes prepared by the chef Bolívar Franco of the Salsipuedes restaurant have an indescribable gourmet flavor and not to mention the views of the spa's relaxation rooms, the which through their crystals show the Panamanian economic growth.

The Bristol Hotel Panama

If you are a lover of golf and distinguished spas, I am sure that The Santa Maria, at Luxury Collection Hotel & Golf Resort, will fulfill your expectations with a grade 10. Recently inaugurated, Santa maría is a five-star urban complex, ideal for relax and have fun.

With the variety of amenities that this hotel offers you, you have the opportunity to play on its 18-hole golf course, savor Panamanian gourmet cuisine with a Mediterranean touch in the Mestizo restaurant, enjoy a refreshing aguadulce cocktail prepared by one of its prestigious bartenders or even let you pamper yourself at The Spa at The Santa Maria Hotel & Golf Resort with a message with eucalyptus oil or coffee and chocolate. What a treat!

The Santa Maria Hotel & Golf Resort

And finally ... the Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, recently named Autograph Collection Hotel, is a magical place, full of color and distinguished locations in front of Playa Blanca, Panama. It is one of those destinations that by obligation have to be within your travel list because it is authentic like none.

In this hotel embedded in the middle of nature, you will come across carefully decorated installations with works of art designed by the same local artists, restaurants that highlight the flavor of Panamanian cuisine, but also the international, bars like the Palapa in which they serve the most exquisite cocktails such as mojito or maitai, ideal to cool off on a summer afternoon while you enjoy one of its turquoise pools or take in the sun and put on your tan skin.

The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort

And if you will soon give the "yes, I accept" in front of the altar, get inspired by its magical gardens, in its romantic chapel or even in a sunset facing the sea to make this date a perfect day in the middle of a tropical paradise. Avoid someone telling you how wonderful it is to travel to Panama, enjoy its natural beauty, delicious food, exotic hotels and the charisma of its people. Live it on your own!