Fishing in Panama, an experience to live

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Panama is considered a paradise of sport fishing in its various forms inshore and offshore, in fact, one of the possible meanings of the word "Panama" is abundance of fish and butterflies. We have more than 250 fishing records worldwide, more than anywhere in the world, among the main saltwater species are sailfish, wahoo and marlin.

One of the main destinations for freshwater sports fishermen in Panama is Gatun Lake, an artificial lake created during the construction of the canal to serve as the main reservoir of fresh water in the country. And it is here, in Lake Gatun where I want to invite you, to experience a good battle with the world renowned Peacock Bass.  

To delve further into the experience of fishing a peacock bass or sergeant as we call it, I will refer you to one of the fishing trips I made with my friend Pedro Aguirre from Guatemala, who visited our country for a couple of days.

Panama has managed to position itself as a world-class sport fishing destination. It is that the same name of Panama originates in the indigenous language and means "abundance of fish". Invitation to fishing lovers as an experience for those who want to practice a sport activity that offers healthy entertainment and great emotions. If you are one of those who like to exercise in fishing in the open sea wideness through species such as Fish Sword, Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna, which likes fishing on the coast in search of Grouper, Snapper and others, here I present several options to choose from.

Continuing westwards, use the great facilities offered by the Santa Catalina area, where you can arrive via Santiago to Soná and then to the referred site. But, if you want to have a fruitful fishing day use the services of Santa Catalina Boat Tours. Chiriqui also gives you the opportunity to enjoy large expanses suitable for successful fishing. In this area there is so much wealth in fishing species that some call it "little sea".

Gone Fishing Panama Resort, offers you pleasant stay in comfortable rooms, from there you can make arrangements to rent boats and guides to spend days of excellent fishing.