Intimo restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy Panamanian gastronomy.

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Located in the San Francisco area, Intimos’ menu offers traditional Panamanian ingredients varied with international cooking techniques and finished with unique and creative twists. The use of organic produce from local farmers reflects in flavour, texture, and a colourful presentation.

The gastronomy according to Carlos “Chombolin” Alba "I think the fork and the spoon must transmit everything."
Intimo restaurant was established in 2014, to create and express the local product in different ways. Its biggest challenge and perhaps the common denominator of entrepreneurs is to make a dream profitable. "Each of our dishes involves several preparation processes, they must be consistent and constant, so that together they create a great experience of flavors, explains Chef Carlos “Chombolin” Alba.

Intimo restaurant - Chef Carlos “Chombolin” Alba

Flavors that express the Panamanian essence
Intimo restaurant has become a place that has evolved, trying to offer a complete and unforgettable experience. For Chef Alba it is a combination of everything. "I want every spoonful to convey a new experience. 90% of ingredients that we use are national".
Talent to the point, passion drives his style to create tasty trends in local food. His creativity reflects in the desire to rescue national ingredients and tradition. Leaving other common roads of the profession for the stove, Carlos ”Chombolin” Alba from a young age entered the cooking school of the Interamerican University of Panama. He took his underdeveloped skills to the passion and tradition of the Basque Country in Spain. This is the place where he confirmed his love for the fires of a stove. Passion, Service, and Creativity dictate his work day in and day out...
However, Intimo restaurant not only focuses on food, but it also has a drive for cocktails with local ingredients and elaborated techniques. Robert Martin a co-owner of the restaurant creates the magic behind the te beverage program. Intimos’ Mixologist is always finding ways to create interesting combinations that are balanced and measured. Robert Martin is definitely one of the best mixologists in Panama.

Intimo restaurant - Robert Martin Mixologist

Martin is focused on using local ingredients to make Intimo homemade syrups and bitters, which gives life to magical cocktails. He does not look for ‘EASY’, he always performs all his techniques traditionally and creatively. Whether smoking a cocktail in front of the customer, thus giving not only a new dimension of flavor but also an entire experience, but also executing with great detail. The bar in Intimo restaurant is a temple in which many people sit to enjoy mixology performance.
Intimo restaurant is a space where gastronomy, locality, traditions, and culture are constantly re-evaluated. Carlos “Chombolin” Alba and Robert Martin and their team, work very hard to create an elevated gastronomic experience in Panama. Intimo restaurant manages a philosophy based on constant creativity to evolve. "The real revolution is the constant evolution" appears as the premise that guides the walk of all those who work here.

 Intimo restaurant

Intimo restaurant offers a gastro-cultural and cozy space for 22 covers. Intimo restaurant is cozy, sexy, and comfortable. A small setting that is home to these two powerhouses of the restaurant industry. There are no dividers between the kitchen and the diner, with the idea that all are integrated into the same time and space.
The service is friendly and chatty and yet providing so much rich information and background about the food, culture, and preparation. 
These guys are creative and authentic in their offering. Their passion comes through in each flavourful bite. If you love dining this is a MUST.