National Holidays: Panama Celebrates its History Throughout the Month of November

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Panama is a very proud country, and like any other country, it loves to celebrate its independence, and recognize its history.

Panama is and always has been a meeting place, a land of passage, where the traditions of our natives were mixed with those that conquerors and slaves bequeathed us, alike. From this cultural hodgepodge comes the most beautiful manifestations of our folklore, manifestations that are preserved, lived and passed with pride from generation to generation in the form of festivals, festivals and commemorations.

But Panama, in a way, is unique in the way they celebrate. Most of your national holidays are in the month of November. Along with December Christmas and the start of the dry summer season, November is truly the start of the holiday season and a fun time to mingle and socialize with the locals. There are five official national holidays in the month of November, but it feels like more, since many are close to the weekend, or give rise to people adding them to their vacation time per year. Here is more about what you are celebrating and how you celebrate.

What do the holidays mean?
Although each day represents something different, what each holiday has in common is that they represent a great military victory or a patriotic achievement. All of them represent great steps for Panama to become independent, and each one has its own regional and national significance.

How do Panamanians celebrate the November vacation?
Due to its patriotic nature and historical significance, each festival has a variety of parades, speeches and cultural events to showcase the local colors of Panama. Traditional food and costumes are typical in most celebrations, and in all parts of the country, bands compete for supremacy, showing a year of practice with local music and rhythms. It is a very relaxed scene in the parades, and people like to march and dance with the bands or with them all day long. In addition to the parades and official celebrations, the "Fiestas Patrias" are a great period of internal tourism.

The city tends to empty, and beach towns and inland destinations tend to be quite crowded. Think of it as the weekend of July 4, but it is repeated 3-4 times in a month. If you plan to travel to the beaches or other tourist locations in the country, be sure to book early and expect lots of people and lots of traffic. Non-tourist companies across the country essentially stop altogether and schools are closed. In general, it is a good time to visit Panama, whether you come from abroad or already live here. It is the happiest moment, in one of the happiest countries, and a great expression of national pride and history.