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Anyone who loves beer prefers quality over quantity, and no doubt artisan breweries come into play here. Did you know that Casa Bruja crafted brew was born in 2013, one of the first Panamanian brewery that has now become one of the best in Latin America? With over 30 international awards and more than 35 different beers types made, Casa Bruja has managed to inspire Panama with their beers and now some other countries as well.
Casa Bruja is famous for more than just its beers, the labels and names of each of its creations, which are a deep reflection of Panamanian popular culture. Each brand is born with some idea, experience and insight into their country.
Invented animals, pirates that have left scars in history, an almost national bird and the local beauty of women, is what inspired the founders of Casa Bruja to put Panamanian meaning names that make the brands more local.
Casa Bruja brewery is located in Costa del Este and has its doors open from Wednesday to Saturday where you can visit and see the brewers at work. His fame precedes Casa Bruja, there is no doubt.
Upon entering the industrial bar of Casa Bruja, you automatically enter an underworld of paradisiacal scents and dim lights. At first glance, it seems that you are in England. Between the metal, the wood, the black colour, the large picture of a goat and the panoramic view of the fermentation tanks, you disconnect from the pending things and the work hustle. This bar and 100% Panamanian brewing centre is pseudo exclusive since only 12 people can fit, with prior reservation.
This year, Panama debuted in a world-class competition and for the first time won the silver medal in the awards given by the Brewers Association, the World Beer Cup 2018, and the largest and most important competition in the brewing industry. Casa Bruja artisan brewery, with its Gose Frambuesa, received the silver medal in the Leipzig-Style Gose or Contemporary Gose category. Interested fact Chivoperro IPA is the first IPA bottled in the country.
This event is considered "the Olympic Games" of beer. In this competition, 101 categories of beer styles were awarded and in this edition, 8,234 beers were presented by 2,515 breweries from 66 countries. The craft brewery Casa Bruja Brew is part of the companies that internationalize their products with the country brand #PanamaExporta. Its products have reached markets such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica and Spain.
In 2017, Casa Bruja has opened its door to the public in Casco Antiguo with Pub concept people can enjoy different types of crafted beer right in the heart of the old Panama City. Trivia Nights, Gastronomic and Cultural events, Casa Bruja Casco Antiguo is the hidden gem of Casco Viejo. With full freedom to experiment and pair all the new flavours with food, the result is an amazing experience that you can
keep coming back to.