Tourism: Growth goals in Panama

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Tourism Promotion Fund has the goal of increasing by 100 thousand the number of visitors that arrive annually in the country, an increase that would be determined by the development of advertising campaigns in five areas.

In 2018, the entry of tourists through the main ports of entry into the country was 2,480,190, according to official figures. 5 areas have been defined to develop intensively with different campaigns, according to objective markets in Panama City: congresses and conventions, adventure and nature, sun and beach, history and culture, Panama City: gastronomy, art, and shopping.
In 2018, the entry of tourists through the main ports of entry into the country was 2 million 480 thousand 190. The Tocumen International Airport closed with 1,756,005 tourists, an increase of 5,146 compared to 2017 which was 1,750,859; while Paso Canoas closed with 129,827 tourists, about 1,040 more than in 2017 when they entered 128,787.
The average length of stay of a tourist in Panama is approximately 8 days and he spends an average of 1,856 balboas on average and about 232 balboas daily. Expenses include lodging, shopping, food, internal transportation, entertainment, visits to historical tourist sites inside and outside the capital city.
We invite you to visit and discover Panama and take advantage of the V Regional Congress of Hotel and Tourism that takes place from 11-12 September 2019. During those two days, you can  meet different people that perform, activities related to tourism in the country. Strengthen communication between the different members that build up the Tourism value chain in Panama. 
Generate a critical business reflection, identify the main, current, and future challenges in the matter as well as promote public-private commitments for the development of the tourism industry.

What to see, do, and visit in Panama City? 
Hello Traveler! If you are planning your next trip to Panama City, here we share the main activities and tourist destinations that I could visit and you can consider when preparing your itinerary. With a tropical climate with sun all year round, a modern infrastructure, a central location, a beautiful bay, and direct flights to more than 60 destinations in the region, Panama City is a perfect option to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
Keep in mind that there are three parts of Panama City to discover: the historic ruins of the 16th century called Panama Viejo, the 17th-century Spanish colonial area Casco Viejo, and the city of modern skyscrapers, with its thriving business district conforming to a city full of life and cultural wonders.

City Tour through the metropolis of Panama City
Panama City is an easy cosmopolitan life area, a charming combination of international and Latin. When seeing the number of skyscrapers of the city, the visitors typically say that they did not know that there was a so modern and beautiful city in Central America. The main buildings include the Trump Hotel in the shape of a sailboat and the F & F tower in the shape of a screw, for its peculiar designs and for being the tallest buildings in Panama. Also, it is possible to travel the city with its transport system, through the Panama Metro (Train System), Metrobus (Bus System), traditional transportation lines, and taxis.

Tour the Panama Coastal Belt
Cinta Costera is an extensive area to enjoy green areas without having to leave the city. It borders the Bay of Panama, linking the cosmopolitan area of ​​Punta Paitilla with the iconic Casco Antiguo. Hundreds of people attend the tape to practice basketball, soccer, aerobics, gymnastics, and other outdoor activities that help clear the mind and maintain good health. Another facility that offers is an exclusive lane for bicycles.

City Tour through the Old Town of Panama

The Old City of Panama City, declared a Historical Monument by UNESCO, is not a mandatory visit just for its history; It is also a place to try different foods and drinks in outdoor cafes, a picturesque place where restaurants and bars fill the atmosphere of culture, music, and entertainment. It is a city of 340 years where you can experience the history and culture of a bygone era. Most of the buildings of this historic city are located in an area of ​​38 blocks which is called "Casco Viejo", "Casco Antiguo" or "San Felipe". The historic and the modern coexist in harmony in the Casco Viejo of Panama, making the experience pleasant and, above all, memorable.

Tour to the Panama Canal, wonder of the modern world

Panama Canal is considered one of the wonders of the modern world and one of the cornerstones of the nation's growth and social development. Given the geographical location of the country, the Canal has become a key point for the global transit system connecting two oceans and all continents and allowing the maritime trade of goods internationally. It can be accessed through the Miraflores Visitor Center, where there is access to the ship viewpoint, the site museum, and the auditorium where the historical review of the canal is projected.

Meet the JW Marriott Hotel, the tallest building in Central America
Located in the exclusive area of ​​Punta del Este, this luxury hotel in Panama City combines exclusive amenities, innovative accommodation, and the emblematic services of the Trump hotel chain. The elegant design of the JW Marriott Hotel evokes a majestic sail deployed in the wind. This 70-story, the 284-meter high hotel is the tallest building in Central America, a landmark that redefines luxury in Panama.

Meet Albrook Mall, the largest in Latin America
It is the most visited shopping center by Panamanians and tourists who love shopping and who like offers and promotions. With more than 350 shops, around 55 food options, and ample parking lots, Albrook Mall is the largest shopping center in Panama and throughout Latin America, so much so that the area comprising this giant mall could be equivalent to 36 football fields. The color and decoration are perfect for shopping with the family and burn some calories on the road because if you walk back and forth this commercial you would burn approximately 204 calories.

​Best Hotels in Panama City: Search, compare and book your hotel
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