Panamanian craft beer market follows the trail of the world's craft revolution

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The global market for craft beers, also called craft, will continue to grow and by 2025 it should be worth more than 500 billion dollars. Consumers are increasingly willing to reach for beverages with low alcohol content, but also for flavored beers. These trends are also visible in Panama, which is in third place in Latin America in terms of beer production. Currently, every fifty beer bought, comes from a small, local plant, and only 2 percent. beer sold in the country is imported - informs the International Association of Home Brewers (PSPD).

Cerveceria Maestra has always been focused on regional and unique products, thanks to which they can offer a note of freshness to their customers. Brewery breweries, in comparison to the most popular breweries, offer precision, unusual taste and huge diversity among themselves. For this reason, their range is wide and they try to make everyone find something for themselves or their loved ones.

Cerveceria Maestra Negra

Born of the pillar and axis of the company, Ing. Alejandro Quiodettis, who began in 1968 as brewing master at the Cervecería Chiricana, he completed his Master's degree in Brewery at the Polytechnic University in Madrid, Spain. He quickly reaches achievements and upon his return to Panama, he develops his career as Brewmaster at the National Brewery; where he also increases his beer education in Germany, Belgium, Canada and other countries.

Cerveceria Maestra - Taps

Creation of their product is in the hands of the brewing industry, which guarantees a product of excellence for their consumers. They offer a variety of craft beers such as:
  • Maestra Rubia - this Blonde beer is made with pale malts; Its maceration is by fractionated infusion to obtain a product of golden color, delicate aroma and excellent quality. The blonde beer Pale Ale has a nice bitter and a delicious flavor. A single hops is used that provides delicate aroma and aroma
  • Maestra Morena - is a beer with a soft fruit flavor and good balance, easy to drink, which invites the next. Ale style high fermentation beer, made with three types of malts: a pale one, a dark Munich type and a toasted malt, which together produce an excellent mixture of aroma, flavor and color. It is made with a single variety of hops dosing it in two different times to obtain the units of bitterness and the ideal aroma
  • Maestra Negra - Porter craft beer. For this black beer a greater amount of roasted malt is used and an intense dark color is obtained. It uses three different malts that bring the toasted flavor, characteristic of this type beer. A single dosage of hops, gives a marked bitterness that offers a balance with its toasted flavor. Beer of character, your consumption is made pleasant to the taste
  • Just IPA Maestra - India Pale Ale is a beer style of English tradition, refreshing and aromatic to fruity esters, from golden to coppery. The result is a very hoppy beer, with a very pronounced bitterness and a lot of aromatic presence that will drive your palate crazy
  • Maestra Saison - Between the pale and the dark, there is a whole category that comes from Belgium with all of the monasteries. Refreshing, that conveys a fruity and spicy sensation between medium and strong, with a distinctive yellowish orange color, highly carbonated, well hopped and dry, with a placating acidity
  • Maestra Blanca - It is a type of beer from Bavaria, in southern Germany.  They use not only malt barley for the elaboration of the White Master, but also adding a high proportion of wheat malt.

Barra Maestra - Costa del Este

One of the favourtes of Maestra customers are Just IPA and Maestra Saison the  popularity of these beers is expected to grow even more in in the coming years. According to experts, the quality of Cerveceria Maestra craft beers can be the biggest asset, but also the biggest threat to the craft beer market. Care for the product's value is assured from the beginning of the production process until it is served by the bartender of the premises. 
You can enjoy full range of Cerveceria Maestra crafts beer in Barra Maestra Terraze located in Costa del Este. You will enjoy here good atmosphere and great service, and of course a wide selection of tap beers as well as in bottles. The rotation of beers on taps is large, so you have the chance to try something new practically every time you visit.