Pedasi, tourist destination and wildlife refuge

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In addition to its culture and tradition, it allows an encounter with nature where you can see cetaceans and turtles

Its natural beauty, the diversity of its fauna, its culture and tradition and the friendliness of its people make Pedasí one of the perfect places to visit. This was allowed to meet a group of people, including villagers and local authorities, after a tour of the place as part of their campaign 'Come to Pedasí'.

The main objective of the initiative is to show local and foreign visitors the different activities that can be enjoyed in this cozy place, the district of Pedasí, as well as the attractions offered by its beaches, including Venao, and its islands, Cañas and Iguana, highlighted the Pedasí Chamber of Tourism.

Playa Venao, located in the village of Pedasí, province of Los Santos, is a perfect tropical place to surf and fish, among other activities.

This destination is located five hours from Panama City, and you can reach it by car, bus or plane. If you go by plane, you get to Pedasí and from there, it takes 30 minutes to get to Playa Venao.

With bars and restaurants bordering the beach, its tropical environment invites its visitors to walk in the sand, take a tour of the jungle, perform water sports, explore the trails that lead to the waterfall and fish in the rocky islands Los Frailes, between many other activities

If you have never been to Playa Venao, you may have the impression that this beach is only for surfers, because there are many surf tournaments here. In addition, people refer to Playa Venao as "The best spot to surf" or "The best beach break in Panama." What many people do not know, is that here you can also go to spend your holidays with family or friends, and you do not necessarily have to surf to go and enjoy this beach.

The bay has about 3 kilometers, so it has enough space to share between bathers and surfers without any problem. The central area of ​​the bay is where the surfers are grouped, because that's where there are more waves. Towards the sides, the waves are greatly reduced, giving the opportunity to bathe calmly.

If you want to go and enjoy this beautiful place, there are several lodging options. There are some places that are on the same beach, type inns. However, you can also stay in Pedasí, which is very close to Playa Venao.

There are many activities that you can do in Playa Venao. Among them are surfing, fishing, horseback riding, climbing, whale watching and camping, among other things. Definitely, your next holiday destination must be, without a doubt, Playa Venao.

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