What exercises to do in total quarantine?

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The health authorities have taken extreme measures to isolate and even totally quarantine some of Santiago's municipalities.  This measure, relieves the importance of staying at home to prevent, among all, that the Coronavirus Covid-19 continues to spread.  However, this does not mean adopting unhealthy lifestyles or giving free rein to sedentarism.  It is now, above all, when we must empower and be aware of moving around in our homes, through simple exercise routines that can be executed in small spaces. 

This is how head coach explains it: "We have developed exercises for those people who are in quarantine.  There are 10 exercises for 10 repetitions that can be done at home, during the day 2 or 3 times, which will help them to stay in perfect health". 

These are exercises of flexion and extension of the body first, and then stretching to mobilize the whole body. 

Then, you move on to a phase 2 where you start using your shoulders, your deltoid scapulas and all the muscles that have to be active because of the posture that many people have during the day from working several hours in front of the computer.  Finally, hip rotation in both directions, ischitibial flexion, lunges and deep squats are performed. 

Check the video and perform this sequence three times a day to stretch in the morning, activate at midday and stretch before going to bed.  In this way, the trainer says: "Physiologically you have a better activation and we prepare ourselves to sleep in excellent form", he concludes.