Burger Week reaches its final stage

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The celebration of the burger week is about to come to an end in the participating venues, however, there is still a date to celebrate.

And it is that, of almost 50 restaurants that participated in this long-awaited edition, only six were selected for the next stage: The Burger Challenge Fest.
This challenge will be a new event that will be held next Saturday, April 6 at the Parque Felipe Motta in Costa del Este, open to the public starting at 3:00 P.M. For this challenge, the six chefs that were chosen by the jury to be semifinalists, should prepare a new hamburger, they can not participate with the creation of the first stage.
The chefs that went on to the next round are: Jorge Estenoz from El Republicano, Felipe Milanés from Beat Burger, Alfonso de la Espriella from Casa Escondida, Pablo Viluce from Lazotea, Roberto Richa from 5inco and Javier Espino from Casa Bruja.
During the event attendees can enjoy the recipes with which the semifinalists will compete. These new creations will be offered in "slider" size at $3.00 in the stands of each contestant restaurant. In addition, they will have the presence of four food trucks, food stands, drinks, play areas for children and the presentation of live music.
These will be the chefs with the highest scores of the semifinal and in this stage they will have to make a new burger using only secret ingredients that will be presented to them just 5 minutes before starting the battle.
In addition, they must use their creativity to create the most original burger and captivate the attention of the members of the jury and surprise their palates. The judge As jury of this competition, this year we will have the special participation of Chef Jonathan Bito of Miranda Bakery, Roger González recognized gastronomic Video blogger of ElMaridaje.com, Chef Nicole Puello operations manager of La Bottega Varela, Chef Karen Guerra founder and owner of Dish Catering & Kitchen and as international special guest Chef Lierson Mattenhauer Jr., from the award-winning Hamburger Tradi chain in Brazil.