Chef Roberto Richa transfers his love for cooking to his dishes

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5inco Urban Kitchen Restaurant & Lounge

The chef in charge is Roberto Richa and following in the line is Erasmo Bosquez. It is a duo that from the outside they seem to work and create their dishes in a reserved way, but when they put the dish in front they speak for themselves, or rather, they shout at you alone.

First and Last Name:
Roberto Richa.
Age: 36
Nationality: Panamanian
Restaurant for which he currently works: Chef / Partner in 5inco Restaurant

What is your area of expertise?
I really like to cook on the grill. I have a special love for Lebanese cuisine and breads

How many years of experience do you have in the kitchen?
17 years

How did you begin in the world of gastronomy or at what moment did you realize that this was your passion?
When cooking saw people in his face of happiness. That really fills you up

Your favorite dish to prepare?
All that is grilled

And the most difficult?
I think any dish can be difficult if you do not use the proper technique.

Fast food or slow food?
Slow for cooking, possibly fast to eat.

Wine or favorite drink?
Red wine and grandfather rum seven years

Your favorite Chef Works product?
The cool vent shirt simple

What should never be missing in a Chef's closet?
Comfortable non-slip shoes

And in the kitchen?

Your favorite cookbook?
Any of Thomas Keller

Do you think that appearance defines the flavor of your dishes?
Not always

What is the chef's most important virtue?
The transfer of the love one gives daily to this profession to a plate of food.

And the worst defect?
Many important moments are lost