Ceviche, an appetizer loved by Panamanians

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Ingredients Lemon, chili, onion, salt and spicy are some of the ingredients when preparing a ceviche, whether shrimp, croaker or lobster, among others.

Ceviche is an appetizer that is consumed in various parts of the world, and Panama is no exception. Its flavor goes from the acidic to the refreshing, but always attractive to the palate.
The Panamanian tastes this snack at any time, regardless of whether it is shrimp, croaker or shrimp. This consumption is recorded in different gastronomic sites, from a restaurant to a restaurant. "We love ceviche," says chef Aristoteles Brena, from local Nazca 21 traditional Peruvian restaurant in Panama.
This dish has become almost an essential part of the Panamanian diet, whether at parties, at home on weekends or on a beach day accompanied by a beer, underlines chef Brena.
Even cold entrees with ceviches are very popular at weddings and banquets. However, there are points where this dish is more traditional, as in the case of coasts, for example, in the provinces of Colon and Bocas del Toro. "Definitely, the sea leads to its products," says Aristoteles. In the city are key points for tasting it one of them is the Mercadito de Mriscos and Nazca 21 in Casco Antiguo.
One of the first recommendations is that the fish or other seafood to be used are fresh. 
In addition to freshness, acid must be balanced. It is not the same to prepare a ceviche at the moment, where little lemon is used, to marinate for hours this mixture with large amounts of this citrus.
The ideal is to balance the lemon acid, mixing with white vinegar. Some people think that the lemon "cooks" and they make the mistake of adding shrimp, prawns and other seafood without a previous cooking.
Ceviche is a snack that is consumed alone or simply accompanied by salt crackers, he adds. The cocktails Ríos points out that the offer of ceviches in the country includes so-called cocktails, to which other ingredients such as mayonnaise and mustard are added. As with the other types of ceviche, each ingredient must be used in a rational way to achieve a good flavor and not "spoil" the dish.