La Granja: to live an extreme agrotourism adventure

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This recreational center invites the traveler to enjoy the countryside and adventure by offering a quality treatment in the past and lodging. The 115-hectare site is located in the province of Colón

‘Tourism favors man's contact with nature and with cultures, promotes the valuation of environmental resources, and presents the beauties of creation as a common heritage of the entire human family, 'said Pope John Paul II. This phrase applies to La Granja, Campo y Aventura, a recreational center of lush vegetation and entertainment for children and adults, located in the province of Colón, entering through the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood, one hour and fifteen minutes from the city of Panama.

Upon arriving at the 115-hectare site, everything is conjugated. The smell of nature, the singing of birds, crickets, cicadas, or the roar of howler monkeys hidden in the treetops allow visitors to live a unique and enriching experience.

The adventure circuit
The first adventure begins at the treehouse. From there, a large part of Lake Gatun is contemplated, surrounded by the humid tropical forest which makes the view a great postcard. The next trip is through the zip line or canopy, five lines, two of which cross over the Gatun, the lake created between 1907 and 1913 during the construction of the Panama Canal. It is the only canopy in the country that crosses this artificial lake and one of those that has a line of more than 700 meters in length in Panama City.
To slip from one point to another the person must use safety equipment such as a harness, helmets, gloves, and pulleys. The assigned guides will offer a safety talk where the methods to make this trip through the heights will be known.
The minimum age for the canopy is six years. As long as the child decides that he can take the tour and be willing to travel by cable with a guide, if necessary. The age limit will depend on the physical and health status of each person, taking into account restrictions on people with heart disease, high blood pressure, or pregnant women. This promising place in the Caribbean province also invites visitors to challenge their agility and skill in the extreme adventure park. In this dynamic, the person goes through eight tests, such as crossing bridges and elevated ropes, going to an island through a trunk that serves as a bridge, and even crossing a climbing wall.
The site also lends itself to enjoying the ecology, through walks through nature trails sighting plants and flowers (orchids, mosses, ferns, and bromeliads) in their habitat, as well as wild birds such as eagles, hummingbirds, pigeons, and countless trees such as teak, guácimo, jobo, pine, totumo, and many others. It is an ecotourism tour where you will find different water resources such as gorges, waterfalls, wells, and water sources of optimum quality; It is really a reunion with the planet from the inside. After so much adrenaline comes a calm. A tour of the calm waters of Gatun Lake by kayak is recommended, especially to relax the body. This sport can be done as a couple, alone or in a group observing the natural landscape and enjoying the cool breeze that embraces while paddling. And if you prefer, you can take a boat ride with a capacity of 20 people.

What else to see?
The agro area is essential in La Granja. During an agricultural tour, the visitor can interact with the animals (cows, horses, goats, goats, sheep, chickens, geese, rabbits, and buffaloes). The objective is to teach people how to make good use of animals and essential crops of basic consumption and that represent some benefit, whether in kind or economic. There is also the butterfly garden, an area of ​​600 square meters with 15 species of butterflies. Here you will know about the importance, the environment, and the way of procreating the butterflies.
This hostel is country style and has 14 rooms (family, couples, and multiple) with wifi, hot water and some with breakfast included. Also, two restaurants - Heliconias and Rancho del Lago - where they offer national and international food. Definitely one day is not enough to tour the entire farm, but what is guaranteed is that the visitor will go home wanting to return. And it is that sustainable tourism maintains the balance between social, economic, and ecological interests, as stated by the World Tourism Organization.