The best sites to see the Sunset in the City

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Our local team of experts offer you the best places from which to see sunset with the city at your feet and with views of this unique moment of the day.

Panama, 6:15 in the afternoon, the sun begins to get lost on the horizon while leaving a beautiful sky lit with shades ranging from the most intense orange to the most blurred pink in a matter of minutes. This is the time that every day delights us the evening giving us a perfect sky to immortalize the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Inedito Rooftop and Lounge is the first of our recommendations. Located in the western part of the city, before reaching the Bridge of the Americas, stands this hill symbol of the city. From the top, located two hundred meters high, you can contemplate spectacular views of the Sun setting in the distance and with the area of ​​Casco Viejo, the Canal and the port of Balboa at your feet. Without any doubt, one of the best locations from which to enjoy the sunset.

Inedito Rooftop and Lounge in Panama

Another idyllic site, although it is true that a bit far away, is the Lost Urban Beach Club. From here, you can see the whole city, and you can see the sky in all its splendor as everything around this place is pure jungle and in the distance you can see the top of the city's skyscrapers. A place reserved for spirituality and meditation, all accompanied by spectacular views of the Sun hiding and giving us a unique picture of the city.

Lost Urban Beach Club in Panama

On the shore of the Pacific Ocean is the fishing port of Panama, another perfect place from which to watch the sunset. Reflecting the sun in the buildings while it continues to lose itself, from here we can see the calm of the ocean with the fishing boats floating above it, accompanied by the tones provided by the sunset in Panama, giving rise to inspiring views.
From Casco Antiguo, specifically from the Vpiso Rooftop and Lounge, we can also find one of the strategic places from which to watch the sunset. La Cinta Costera 3 on the Pacific calm in front, on the left the city and on the right the Puente de the Americas, panoramic views that, with the lighting that gives us the sunset draws an unparalleled stamp.
The last of the sites we propose is the Causeway. A perspective of the city that from a few places can be found, with different views of the Skyline, which encompasses the entire city and a perfect orientation towards the West makes us have the sunset over the city in its fullness, views that are capable of plunge you into a sea of ​​emotions.

Praia Fish and Drinks in Panama

An economic, romantic, spiritual plan, ideal to relax, leave everything to one side and limit yourself to contemplate, to feel, to delight yourself with the range of colors that is produced in the sky ...

Every day you will find a unique and good sunset spot, none will leave you indifferent. Enjoy them!