Going to Panama, Happy New Year 2019

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New Year celebrations in the city of Panama

When visiting another country during the end of the year, it is common that we want to participate in local parties and celebrations, but in the case of Panama, it is difficult to obtain information online about what can be done for the New Year. In general, Panamanians spend New Year's Eve with their family and after midnight they may visit their friends, where they will continue with the party.

However, for those who wish to celebrate in style, there is a tradition of New Year's Eve parties in the big hotels of the capital. The most classic is the El Panama hotel, where a year-end party has been held with live orchestra and national and international musicians for decades, but even the most recent hotels, such as the Hotel Sortis or the JW Marriott Hotel have their own own parties. Additionally, several bars, especially in the Old Town, are added to the New Year's Eve celebrations.

JW Marriott Hotel Punta Pacifica

It is impossible to make an exhaustive list of all the places where there will be New Year's parties, but I have tried to collect the best known ones, to give an idea of ​​the options that there are to go out in New Year's Eve in the city of Panama.

  • Hotel El Panama - It is probably the party with more years to exist. They usually bring good orchestras and artists, and it is a very popular option among Panamanians
  • Hotel Sortis - Although it is a relatively recent hotel, Sortis is focused on the music industry and can not sit idly by when celebrating New Year's Eve
  • Continental Hotel & Casino - The Continental is another of the hotels that has been celebrating the end of the year for decades
  • JW Marriott Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city and evidently tries to offer one of the most exclusive parties for New Year's Eve.
  • Sheraton Grand, despite changes in administration, has been present in the capital for many decades, being another of the classic options to celebrate New Year's Eve

The Strangers Club

  • Baodai has a mixture of decoration between classic and modern China that evokes positive comments from its customers. The restaurant becomes a nightclub in the evenings, so you can dine there and then stay and dance
  • The Strangers Club is the best cocktails bar in the heart of the Old Town of Panama and shares its high popularity among foreigners and Panamanians. Every weekend is full and New Year's Eve is not different
  • The rooftop of Tantalo has one of the best views of the Old Town and the city of Panama, along with a good bar to cool off during the day and nightclub to spend the night. It is an excellent option in the Casco to see the New Year's fireworks

Baodai restaurant & rooftop
I hope this article has been useful for you in planning your trip to Panama. If you want to read more about this small Central American country, check our archives about Panama, and if you have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to contact us.