Pedasi shuddered at the Barro Fest

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On March 29 and 30, Pedasí celebrated the power of the community with a festival that fuses the tradition of the Barro Fest with indie rock concerts

This 2nd edition of Barro Fest was held between the center of Pedasí and Hacienda Los Gavilanes, with a two-day party where good music and dancing were highlighted.

On Friday the 29th, the activity began in the Pedasí center park, with food and drinks stands, entertained by the typical 100 for the 70s.

All this followed by the live performance of the first band, Diafragma, who surprised with their show, talent and delivery to all the audience present, including children who watched and danced with amazement, amazed and excited. Then, something was never done before: Diafragma played in several bars followed: first in the bar of Hostal Santosha, where they downloaded their most ethereal set, and then to The Corner Art Center, with its most explosive set, creating a frenzy in those present with the rock discharge.

Barro Fest - Pedasi

The next day, on Saturday 30, began the real Barro Fest, where nationals and foreigners, residents and citizens, children, youth, adults and the elderly, joined the sound of the two typical ensembles Remembranzas and Los Cortacachos de la Arena, sharing dry and grabbed shoulders, stepping on mud and repellant a house of quincha. The joy, the party, the merrymaking, the hubbub, the excitement of celebrating something worth celebrating, predominated: the power of the community that we find in our beautiful interioran traditions.

At the end of the at 6pm, started the indie rock party, with three Panamanian bands and international bands. At 7pm they began live performances of Playa, Los Guayas, Pepe Bahia and the international band Making Movies, in a unique setting: a stable in a paddock in Pedasí, with a giant LED screen scenery, a disco ball, lights and first level sound.

Barro Fest - Pedasi

Continuing the show, Los Guayas brought their flow and charisma to the stage, and made her feel in an audience that chanted, danced, and connected with the band, as if they were a band playing for their lifelong friends. They were accompanied by José Augusto Broce from Santiago, a violinist and virtuoso of marjoram.

Then, Pepe Bahia brought the most colorful show of all the Barro Fest. They released sound textures calibrated to perfection, accompanied by fine psychedelic visuals that transformed the place into a moving party full of emotional melodies, vibrant colors, and strong magic.

To close, the international guest band Making Movies took the stage, attacking with a hardened beginning of Latin jazz rock, followed by a repertoire of their songs from several albums, they sang the drum of joy to the sound of the emotion of those present, and ended with the audience chanting him go out into the street and do not shut up, a musical piece they did in collaboration with the Panamanian artist Rubén Blades.

Barro Fest - Pedasi 

Throughout the festival, the public was able to enjoy the Callejón de los Artesanos, highlighting the work of local artisans, who sold their works directly to the public. There were also different food and beverage stalls, plus a twelve-hour open bar, starting from 3pm on Saturday until 3am.

The Barro Fest has among its objectives to connect young people, contributing to generate a generational relay for tradition that is in danger of disappearing.