Fashion Week Panama support new talents

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In 2018, version XVII of the FWP will take place from October 11 to 13. It will bet on the local designs and will support social causes linked to women

The largest event of the fashion industry in Panama is preparing to present the country as creative and innovative national and international designers. Yes, we are talking about version XVII of the Fashion Week Panama (FWP) 2018, which will take place on October 11, 12 and 13. As usual, the main focus of the event will be fashion, style and local creativity, and will support social causes related to women. Therefore, this year the guest as honorary member of FWP 18 is Elizabeth Heurtematte of the Heurtematte Foundation, a nonprofit organization that organizes social projects. 'We are participating this year in FWP in its social responsibility segment, something they have done in all its versions and is one of the things I admire most about FWP, because in addition to promoting fashion, they always work for a good cause,' he said. Heurtematte during a press conference.

'We, in turn, are supporting with two causes in which we believe a lot, that work in the reproductive health of women, education and prevention, which are the Panamanian Association for Family Planning (Aplafa) and the Association of Endometriosis Panama (Aenpa), who will be the beneficiaries of the donation generated by a percentage of the sales of the box office of the six show cases that will be presented at the Panamanian Fashion Week, "added Heurtematte. For its part, the director of the activity, Marie Claire de Bueno, explained that this year they will bet on the new talents. "We are very proud of the steps that fashion has taken at the national level; We feel that the design of young people who are undertaking in the world of fashion are taking a big step in this country. Many people are seeing that consuming the local is really valuable and for us, as producers of the FWP, satisfaction is greater because we trust and know that the work we have been doing for years is really worth it, "De Bueno added. The director said that they will hold another press conference in which they will provide more details of the name that the campaign will carry, since they want to do something with identity for the FWP. "This year the campaign will have content with images of people that the platform admires and respects for the great work they have done together. We feel that in recent years there has been a focus on the national identity of Panamanian designers' proposals, "De Bueno explained.

Given the lack of government incentives in relation to training and development of a garment and textile industry nationwide, Panamanian designers evaluate producing in other markets to be able to market their creations more effectively in other borders. De Bueno stressed that local design has important needs, such as lack of trained labor, machinery and supplies available to all national designers or residents in Panama. He called on governments to give more support to the development of the garment industry, a job in which designers can take the step towards the commercialization of their products not only locally but internationally. 'Hopefully in the future we can see governments that support local production, because that is one of the needs that the designer currently has'. However, an organization has been created that aims to continue supporting the creative industry sector: the Association of Fashion Designers and Allies of Panama (Adimap), which manages among its members various components, including managers, journalists , creators and entrepreneurs of several creative lines related to design. De Bueno also noted that they have the support of the Tourism Authority of Panama, since the FWP is an event that attracts tourism to the country and is a space to communicate the benefits offered by the country to the world.

'Fashion has no age, fashion has no gender, fashion goes everywhere'