Meet the restaurant that brings together the flavor of all the grandmothers of the world

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Traditional Italian cuisine has a new place in Panama City, where one breave Italian lady Chef decided to recreate their favorite dishes in a family atmosphere that evokes the kitchen of her grandmother.

They are strict with the fidelity to the recipes that they prepare in La Negra Tomasa, where the culinary process begins making pasta for their dishes. Only in risottos and desserts do they give space to creativity, with the exception of tiramisu, which is pure consistency. Precisely for that reason Chef Gisela bets on her gastronomic proposal, which became a novelty in Panama City.

"I have been dedicated to Ilatian kitchen since I was little. Food has always been an important part of our family and the concept comes for that reason. It is an Italian restaurant, but focusing on homemade recipies, with many typical dishes that many people do not know. Here we make all the pastas. It distinguishes La Negra Tomasa because they do not play much with the recipes, here we stick very faithful to the typical recipes. What I want to do here is that you feel like you're eating a pasta dish in Italia," explains chef Gisela.

La Negra Tomasa - Panama

Italian restaurants in Panama, from artisanal restaurants like this one to chain restaurants.
La Negra Tomasa is demonstrating at all times, here you will find the deep admiration for the culinary talent of the chef, we assure you that no Italian dish have this taste in Panama.

La Negra Tomasa has been able to transport their gusts to grandmother's kitchen in Italy, the freshness of the ingredients in the kitchen of the restaurant  is perceived in a particular way in the Crostini di fegato.

La Negra Tomasa - Panama

Those who lack favor for the liver have nothing to fear. In addition, the flavor of the anchovy stands out, subtle, with a soft salty touch, at its point. The care in the preparation of the pasta can be confirmed in the Spaghetti alle vengole, whose olive oil, garlic and herbs sauce, being extremely light, allows to appreciate it visually and tactilely once inside the mouth, while allowing the flavors of the herbs without interference. This dish is made with clams in its juice, cherry tomatoes, white wine, Italian parsley and a little peperoncino or Italian chili.

La Negra Tomasa - Panama

Besides being a visual experience for the reddish color of the beet root and the elegant use of flowers, this dish is full of surprises for the taste with a balanced mix of flavors, sweet and salty, and also for the touch feeling the slightly crunchy bits of beet and pistachio in bocca.